Last week my kids and I were invited to participate in the Murrieta Rocks Facebook which is a simple DIY project to spend time with your kids and brightening up someones day with a cute painted rock with a positive message.

I bought all the supplies at Michaels and only spent $3 for 3 different colored paints and purchased a whole paintbrush pack for $5. We bought rocks from Michaels as well, but they had a polished finish around them and no paint could stick onto them. We then had to make a trip to Lowes to buy unpolished river rocks which were perfect to paint.

The kids and I spent all afternoon together painting something positive and then we placed them around Murrieta Town Square. We helped contribute to making Murrieta a more positive and supportive city and we hope more people  join in!

Share your rocks with us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #weestructedrocks… hope to see more encouragement and positivity around town!

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