I love my coffee in the morning. I use Natural Bliss Coffeemate in HazelNut, cut it’s sweetness with heavy cream or milk and let its nutty goodness comfort me as those last cozies of bed leave and the roar of the day starts.From my home, the roar literally grows. The nations busiest parking lot, the 91fwy starts to buzz with workers traveling to their 2nd home, with their comforting cup of joe.

morning basics


The Mom Culture gave me a new joy with my morning routine, my mug. It started with the curated find ‘killin’it’. I was trying to motivate myself and what I wanted to be doing was “killin’it”. So, mug after mug, slowly but surely, I got out of a rut I was in and was killin’it.


Then I faltered- things weren’t so hot and I WAS NOT KILLIN’IT.

I was SO NOT killing it that I couldn’t use my mug. I hid it in the back of the cabinet and went back to my old yellow non-killing it mug. Only, its rings of wear were no longer charming they were failure. FAILURE!!! My old yellow mug screamed at me, FAILLUURRREEE!!



I was not killin’it.

So, just when I didn’t think I could get my s*** in line, this beauty popped up into my feed.




Silly right? I know, whatever!

It was the little reminder first thing in the morning that I needed to start my day off right.

Now, as I look forward to new directions and growth in unchartered territory I’m ready for my girl boss that s*i* mug.





A reminder to handle my s*** again. I was being reactionary instead of driving my own future and bosses don’t do that. I can’t wait to add some Mom Culture coffee to it.

Something super simple to share with my other girl boss mama’s.




killin’it curated find SOLD OUT- find others like it here

incredible things curated find

basic mom slouchy tee

Mom Culture Coffee- because tiny humans ARE exhausting



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