Ever wonder why people say that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a super food?

This list of uses will help you understand how amazing this stuff really is!

My favorite one is the Unfiltered ACV by Bragg.


1. Disinfectant Cleaning – In a spray bottle, mix equal parts (50/50) water to unfiltered ACV, and use as a replacement for harsh chemicals to clean the kitchen, floors and other surfaces in the home.

2. Odor Eliminator – You can add 1 cup of unfiltered ACV to your washing machine to remove mineral buildup and eliminate unpleasant odors. This has been specifically helpful with removing cat urine odor.

3. Trap Fruit Flies – If you’ve ever had a problem with fruit flies, you know how gross it can be to walk into your kitchen and see these tiny flies invade your space. The easiest way to eliminate these critters is to mix 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV, 1-2 drops of Dawn dish soap and water in a small bowl. They will be attracted to the sweet aroma of the ACV but get trapped under the soap.

4. Salad Dressing – Use 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV, squeeze 1 lemon and 1 tbsp. of olive oil. This mixture creates a refreshing, tangy salad dressing.

5. Relieve Arthritis Pain – The potassium content helps to fight against calcium buildup, which aids in pain relief.

6. Wart Removal – For plantar or palmar warts. We all hate warts. They’re painful and don’t look pretty. Trust me, this solution actually works. Right before bed, soak a cotton pad in unfiltered ACV and adhere to the bottom of your foot (or hand) with duct tape. Leave on overnight. If it is on your foot, put on socks so that your bed sheets don’t smell like ACV in the morning. Repeat every night for about 2 weeks. You will begin to see them turning black within a few days and will eventually fall off by themselves. Keep in mind, do not pick at them.

7. Natural Detox*


8. Relieve Muscle Cramps*


9. Boost Metabolism*


10. Gut Health*


*Mix 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV with 16 oz. of water, and drink throughout the day for best results.



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