Eyebrow Tinting Hack Every Woman Needs To Know About!

Ok ladies! I have discovered the ultimate beauty hack! I can't take the credit though. I came across this article on Glamour.com by Amber Katz about how she uses male mustache dye to tint her eyebrows. Why is this such great news? Ummm… you can purchase this Just for...

4 Must-Read Books for Growing Girls

Being a girl is difficult. And what makes it easier is having resources. Resources can be a friend to talk to, a song to sing along to that you relate to, or even reading a book. We came up with a list of 4 books that are our favorite for growing girls (ages 8+). 1....

Back to school!

Back to school....what exactly does that mean? That means: stricter bedtimes, meal prepping, doing your makeup in the carpool line, last-minute Target runs to pick up more supplies for a project. The list of daily changes goes on and on.   But going back to school is...

Eyebrow Tinting Hack Every Woman Needs To Know About!

Ok ladies! I have discovered the ultimate beauty hack! I can't take the credit though. I came...

4 Must-Read Books for Growing Girls

Being a girl is difficult. And what makes it easier is having resources. Resources can be a friend...

Back to school!

Back to school....what exactly does that mean? That means: stricter bedtimes, meal prepping, doing...
Eyebrow Tinting Hack Every Woman Needs To Know About!

Eyebrow Tinting Hack Every Woman Needs To Know About!

Ok ladies! I have discovered the ultimate beauty hack! I can’t take the credit though. I came across this article on Glamour.com by Amber Katz about how she uses male mustache dye to tint her eyebrows. Why is this such great news? Ummm… you can purchase this Just for Men dye for about $10, whereas going to the salon can cost upwards of $30 (and this method actually lasts longer)! Amber has laid out a great step-by-step guide of how to properly use this dye for eyebrow tinting.

Thanks to Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani in the 90’s….my brows are still recovering from over-tweezing. Needless to say, this tinting hack has saved my beauty budget!! Hopefully it will help you too!

What you will need:


Things to know about before starting this process:

  • Pick the right color for your brows
  • Use Vaseline to prevent dye run-off
  • Make sure you’re not in a rush to get somewhere. Give yourself time to do it right.
  • Hint with tint: I like to fill in even the little “baby” hairs because my eyebrows are a little sparse… This may cause some tinting on the surrounding skin for a couple of days, but it is not permanent and gives a more full look.


Here is the step-by-step process:

1.Mix about 3″ of each product together (make a stripe of each as shown in the picture).

2.Pull your hair back so it doesn’t accidentally get stained.

3.Apply barrier cream to prevent unwanted stainage on your skin.


4.Using the applicator brush, apply goop to your brows. Don’t be afraid to get those baby hairs that I mentioned earlier. My daughter saw me doing this and said that I look like Shrek….don’t do this in front of your vocal kiddos. haha

5.Set the timer for 5 minutes and then rinse off with a washcloth and water.

6.If the color is not as dark as you’d hoped, repeat steps 3-5 and leave the dye on for another 5 minutes.

7.Rinse off with a washcloth and water.

8.Smile – because you just saved at least $20 and a trip to the salon!


Have you tried it? Let us know your success story below!




4 Must-Read Books for Growing Girls

4 Must-Read Books for Growing Girls

Being a girl is difficult. And what makes it easier is having resources. Resources can be a friend to talk to, a song to sing along to that you relate to, or even reading a book. We came up with a list of 4 books that are our favorite for growing girls (ages 8+).

This book is recommended for girls ages 8 and up. It highlights on the changes every girl goes through during this stage of life (hygiene, the need to stay hydrated, and physical activity). It keeps these potentially awkward discussions lighthearted and easier to approach after reading this book.
This second edition book was designed for girls ages 10 and up to read and learn about further physical and emotional changes. It brings up topics that most girls face during this stage of life.

 3. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls (vol. 1 & 2)


These books are great because they are jam-packed with biographies of real women of history. Some great names are: Amelia Earhart, Serena Williams, and Elizabeth I.

4. Who Was… book series


Our favorites in this book series are: Dolly Parton, Gloria Steinem, Anne Frank. There is also one about Maya Angelou, but we recommend parental guidance, especially for girls under 13. It is a little graphic.


Check out our super soft Raising Ladies scoop tee here!


Did we miss any of your favorite titles? Let us know in the comments!



Julie + Sarah

Back to school!

Back to school!

Back to school….what exactly does that mean?

That means: stricter bedtimes, meal prepping, doing your makeup in the carpool line, last-minute Target runs to pick up more supplies for a project. The list of daily changes goes on and on.


But going back to school is such an exciting experience! Starting in a new grade, meeting friends, having different teachers. Whatever stage of life you’re in, something that is most commonly forgotten when it comes to back to school shopping, is showing appreciation to the teachers. They spend countless hours prepping for the best way to roll out a lesson plan seamlessly and grade papers into the wee hours of the night. The least we can do is say “Thank you”


Here are some of our favorite gift possibilities for the teachers in our community:

Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting Mug



Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting Tote Bag


Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting


What are your favorite things about going back to school? What do you gift your teachers?


We found this awesome article about ways to help prep your home for back to school. Check it out on our Pinterest here.




Self-Care For All Mamas

Self-Care For All Mamas

Today’s blog has been submitted by the lovely Emily of @chasingmcallisters about how with even the busiest of schedules and “momming” there is still a way to practice self-care! If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Motherhood has forced me to reevaluate the importance of self-care, and while I often fall short in the consistency part of this practice, I always come back to how I can find ways to re-incorporate it in to my busy life. It all boils back down to the idea that you can’t give away what you don’t have, so if I am not taking care of myself properly, I wind up running on fumes, and become pretty useless to those around me, (especially my family).

I decided to keep a list of small, practical and quick ways that I can practice self-care in my daily life, and I have decided to share these ideas with you:

Podcasts and Inspirational Talks

I know what you might be thinking; I don’t have time to listen to an entire podcast or talk. I get it, believe me I do. Time is a fleeting thing, but that is what the ‘pause’ button is for. Sometimes I turn on a podcast, listen to 5 minutes of it while getting dressed or slapping on mascara, and pause it for later when I find another little window of time. It’s a great feel-good fix!

Do a Face Mask

love a face mask. It’s like a mini spa treatment, and it literally takes 5-10 minutes. Try it at night or at nap-time.


Sometimes something as simple as stretching my body for 5-10 minutes, makes me feel grounded and connected to myself.

Dance it OUT!

Put on your favorite Pandora or Spotify station, and let your body move to the music however it wants! Talk about a quick mood-fixer. Our bodies were meant to move, and listening to music that makes you want to move will lift your vibration and spirit every single time, without fail.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Every heard of aromatherapy? It’s a real thing. Have you ever gone to get a massage, and immediately upon entering you find yourself more relaxed? I can almost guarantee that they are diffusing lavender, which has a naturally relaxing effect. Diffuse something that smells delicious to you, and watch your mood shift.


Ok, so if there is one area that I have struggled with consistency since having kids, it is this. I was a daily gym-goer pre-babies; a gym-rat, even. But you don’t have to go to, or belong to a gym to exercise. There are so many apps, and free online workouts and yoga; (not to mention the great outdoors!) Exercising releases endorphins, which are natural feel-good hormones!

Paint Your Nails

Maybe you’re like me, and don’t really have (or make) the time to get your nails done. That’s ok! Buy a color you love, and when the kids go to bed, paint them yourself! I love looking down and seeing a pretty color on my nails.

Take 5

Sometimes I just want some alone-time–in fact, I often crave this most. However, this isn’t always realistic in my daily mom-life. Taking a 5 minute break, where I can just breathe intentionally and refocus my thinking really helps me feel more centered.

Call a Friend

They don’t call it a lifeline for nothin’. Texting is great–it serves a purpose, and allows us to multi-task. But nothing can replace human connection, and having an actual conversation with another adult, is often my saving grace amidst the daily chaos.

Guided Meditations

I love the effects produced by meditating, however, I am not great at sitting still in the Buddha position, in the stark quiet. My head gets the best of me. Guided meditations, are awesome because someone is literally guiding your thoughts. There are a ton of apps for this, or a quick YouTube search will get you what you’re looking for.

Whiten Your Teeth

This may sound silly, but doing a teeth whitening kit, can actually be relaxing and it will brighten up your smile in the process, (not to mention it helps with late-night snacking) .

Just Breathe

Some days feel never ending, and even overwhelming. Just know this; you are not alone. If you can’t seem to find even a few minutes for yourself, take a few very deep and intentional breaths. This can help to reset your central nervous system, and helps you tap in to the present moment.

I hope you have found some of this helpful, and I hope you will also join me in the quest to practice just a little more self care every day, because hey! We deserve it. If you have other tips, tricks or practices, I would love to hear what they are–I am always looking for new ideas!




International Left Hander's Day

International Left Hander’s Day

For all my fellow lefties, you can celebrate because today is a national holiday! (woo hoo!) For all right-handed people out there–you probably had no idea! That’s ok. I am here to shed some light on why this day makes us happy.

-3-ring binders and spiral notebooks were not created with us in mind
-I used to hate writing in pencil because you always end up with lead all over your hand
-People call you out like you have spinach in your teeth…”are you left handed??” I’ve always wanted to respond with “No…I’m right handed. Your eyes are playing tricks on you!”
-Learning a new sport is beyond challenging because you’re not sure whether to catch or throw with your left hand….don’t even get me started on learning soccer! Do I kick with my right or my left leg??
It’s so stressful! Not to mention that since we utilize the right side of our brain more frequently, we communicate differently. Take a minute to observe those around you. And be nice to all the lefties out there!
What is/was your biggest struggle with being left-handed? Let us know in the comments.
Same you, new mood!

Same you, new mood!

Last week Sarah bought tickets to our local movie theater to see Made for More and “Go watch this inspirational woman!” as a team building outing. I like motivation. So we made a night out of it with some of our friends. We went to Yardhouse for happy hour, chatted about current life situations, then we walked to the theater. Let me tell you, as soon as we walked in and looked around, we thought “Oh my goodness! We should have gotten here earlier…not sure if we can find 4 seats together!” Once we sat down, the movie started and learned a bit more about this Rachel Hollis person everyone has been ranting and raving about. She and her husband have 4 beautiful children and recently moved to Austin, TX from Los Angeles. She was raised in a Christian house and on paper probably had a “squeaky clean” resume. But the way she was able to open up on screen and talk about how she is no different from you and I was truly remarkable.

At a young age, she walked into her older brother’s bedroom, only to find him lying there surrounded in his own blood with a gun next to his head. She continued to say that before that moment she was a firm believer in the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. That moment changed her outlook on the future and morphed that phrase into “there is meaning in everything”. Hard times will happen no matter what, that is life. It is the way we deal with these struggles is what sets us apart.

She also went on to be even more real and explain something that I’m sure most of our readers can relate to: body changes after babies. Talking about how boobs that were once perky and the center of attention of all outfits, turn into saggy tube socks…with runny yogurt in them (makes a great visual!) haha

One of her mottos in the movie was “Same you, new mood!” This is kind of a self-pep talk. Take a second to step back, say that to yourself. We are a result of the way we handle difficulties. Everyone has bruises and scars. People are made strong when they pick themselves up and realize to grow from those pains versus wallow in them day after day.

She explains the reason why she starts her conferences by humiliating herself is to help people realize that they are not alone in real life struggles. Too often in today’s society we find ourselves feeling inadequate and not “pretty enough” or that we are doing something wrong because our “friend” on Instagram seems to have this thing called life all figured out.

Her call-to-action in this movie and the purpose behind all of her books and podcasts, is this: COMMUNITY. She points out that we are made for more and we need to be surrounded by like-minded people who we can count on and know will support us, and vice versa. She said “If you see a woman sitting by herself…she is your new best friend!” Go up to people, make lasting friendships. Ask the hard questions. “How is your marriage?” “How are you really doing??” Be uplifting instead of tearing down those around you.


Do you love Rachel Hollis? What resonated with you? Share your story with us!!







Own Your Motherhood: Single Parent

Own Your Motherhood: Single Parent

Today’s blog post has been submitted by one of our lovely mamas who honestly expresses how hard parenthood is…especially all by yourself. She was forced to tackle pregnancy, labor, and parenting all alone. But you know what, she did it! Continue reading to learn about Karley and her amazing journey into motherhood.

“I saw your Facebook post and thought I would share the challenges of single motherhood. A lot of young mothers are single and I think that hearing someone else’s story might help them feel better about the long wonderful road ahead. 


To start off I am a 25 yr old single mama.

 My boyfriend and I had been together 7 years when we decided it was time to start a family. As a women who has known her whole life she was meant to be a mother I was ecstatic when I saw those two little lines on the pregnancy test. I couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend that we were going to be parents! 


A month after finding out, I discovered my now ex, had been cheating on me. Despite the devastating news I decided to try to look past it for the sake of our family, the family I wanted so desperately. I told him to choose. Gave him a month to do so (hormones making me crazy?!?). After a month I asked what his choice was and he told me he couldn’t choose, both choices seemed right and both seem wrong. At this point I walked away. Completely cut ties. I knew I could do this alone. I didn’t need a man, even less one who didn’t want me and our little one growing inside me. 


So now I was pregnant hormonal, alone and stressed about becoming a parent alone AND to top it all off I started a new full time job 3 days after finding out I was pregnant and worried I may lose that job prior to my probation being finished. 


I also had to announce to my family that I was pregnant and newly single. That wasn’t easy. I had a rough childhood and my parents should never have had children. I was adamant I would provide a better life for my child, but so far I seemed to be off to a bad start. My very catholic grandparents, who raised me, didn’t approve. I was alone and pregnant out of wedlock. My grandmother wanted me to put my baby up for adoption, cause how could I possibly do it alone? That hurt very much, not only that they had no faith in me nor that they thought I had made a mistake but also that once again someone doubted the ability for a woman to accomplish anything without a man to support her. Thankfully the rest of my family took it very well and were excited to welcome a new baby into the family. 


The pregnancy was wonderful despite being difficult. At 14 weeks pregnant one morning I went to the bathroom and my heart sank, I felt sick to my stomach, there was the most dreaded sight a pregnant woman could see, blood. I was so scared, I was already so in love with my little one I could not bear the thought of losing this baby. Trying so hard not to panic, as 6 years ago I had suffered a miscarriage, I called my OB. He sent me to the hospital for an emergency ultrasound. We discovered I had abnormal legions in uterus, but the baby was perfect. I bled throughout my whole pregnancy. And every single time I spotted blood my heart would stop and  I would panic. Luckily for me my OB was an angel and reassured me every single time. He held my hand and offered support. 

I also had the most amazing support from my aunt who was there every step of the way. From the moment I started thinking I was pregnant, to every ultrasound, to the delivery and still to this day. I have been blessed with love and support my whole pregnancy. 

Once my work found out they were so very understanding. My manager understood every worry and every extra appointment I needed to go to. 


So with the support of all these amazing people and more, I ventured 40 weeks of pregnancy on my own. I found a 2 bedroom house to rent, I worked two jobs and 60 hour weeks until I was 36 weeks pregnant to make sure I could support myself and my baby during my year maternity leave on lowered income (Canadian here). I worked my social contacts and got a free crib, my aunt donated a ton of stuff she still had from her 3 kids and I bought the rest. I was already on a mission to make sure my child would never need for anything. 


At week 37 I was done, I wanted my baby to exit my body. Everything hurt. I was tired. I was also excited to meet this little human I created. My little however decided to hold onto the very end to make an entrance. After a pretty normal labor I started to push, which felt like forever and like my baby would never come, it was exhausting and uncomfortable. Come on baby just leave my body already. Finally my beautiful little angel came out 8 hours after being admitted to the maternity ward, on my due date no less. When I heard the most amazing sound I’d ever heard, the screams of my baby, the tears began to flow and would not stop. I had never been happier. After all the anticipation I was handed my beautiful perfect baby boy. I never wanted to let him go. This was by far the most wonderful day of my life. I had had it easy, not too long of a delivery, no tearing, no pain afterwards I was on the right road to motherhood I had this, well until we hit a speed bump; breastfeeding. 


I was adamant I would nurse, for me there was nothing else I wanted to do. Well of course I was hit with a curve ball when it came to that. My sons latch was horrible and the first day he split both my nipples and these would not heal for 3 months despite every trick I tried to help. Breastfeeding was supposed to be a beautiful bonding experience. It wasn’t. I dreaded every single feed. I was in so much pain. I felt like it would never end so I came to terms with the pain. I almost gave up a few times, but I’m stubborn and kept at it because my mind was set on it. Thankfully that paid off as now it is no longer painful (phew finally!). But they don’t tell you how hard it will be, what a shock it is to have something that is so natural be so difficult. But it’s so worth it. 


Of course i had nosey people tell me to feed him pablum or formula or this that and the other thing, that I was doing something wrong. He’s not eating enough, you’re spoiling him, co-sleeping is unsafe, oh you’re single was it an accidental pregnancy…. name it I guarantee I heard it. At first it was hard and every comment hurt, always wondering if you were doing everything wrong, that is until I decided; screw it all to hell. I decided I was an intelligent woman, an excellent mother with incredible instincts and too strong willed to let anyone make me doubt in my skills. He is my child and only I know what’s best for him. Sure I ask for advice, but I take it all with a grain of salt and ignore any critiques. 


So here I am 4 months post partum holding my beautiful sleeping baby boy writing to you about the hardships of doing it alone and I could not be any happier. I am living a blessed, comfortable , fulfilled life. I do not regret a single choice I have made. 


This message is to all the moms out there thinking they are failing or can’t do it, I saw you can. You are beautiful and strong and amazing, you created a human and that’s amazing in itself. Don’t give up. People, even the ones closest to you, will judge and make rude comments and make you doubt. But never doubt in you. Follow your instincts. Keep your head held high. You’ve got this mama!


Put It Into Words

Put It Into Words

We are so honored to have attended the recent Hallmark event #PutItIntoWords, hosted by Gabrielle Union.

This event was held to encourage writing and sending cards…just because! Not because of an anniversary, or a birthday, or in a time of loss, but to send a card just to say “Hi Friend, I’m thinking of you today!”

It is sadly a lost art and we love the way that Hallmark helped promote thoughtfulness all year long!

These were just some of our favorite cards. They had a card-writing station set up with pens so you have no excuse to not send a card to a loved one. We have taught our kids to be more analog in a digital world.

Not only did they mail the card for you, they had a calligrapher there to address the envelopes! It was such a creative and thoughtful touch.


Such an inspirational event with some amazing souls. Use this as a reminder to say kind words to those closest to you. Hand write and send a card to someone you have been thinking about. Doesn’t have to be lengthy. Just #PutItIntoWords.



Julie + Sarah



A Little Thing Called Colic

A Little Thing Called Colic

Today’s blog has been shared from a fellow Mom Blogger, Marissa Bushee (@ambusheedwithboys).

Marissa is a full-time working mama, with 2 young boys. With her blog, she wants to encourage women to learn and come together as a community through her experiences of motherhood. She has posted about a wide variety of topics, ranging from farmers markets, to holidays, to real-life mama struggles. It’s all there for the taking!

So, your six-week-old baby just went from being an eating, sleeping, pooping, little angel, to a crazy possessed little human with nonstop crying after 4pm almost every day.  Don’t stress out, your kid isn’t possessed, she most likely has colic.


Infantile Colic as describe by Mayo Clinic:

Colic is frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in a healthy infant. Colic can be particularly frustrating for parents because the baby’s distress occurs for no apparent reason and no amount of consoling seems to bring any relief. These episodes often occur in the evening, when parents themselves are often tired.

Episodes of colic usually peak when an infant is about 6 weeks old and decline significantly after 3 to 4 months of age. While the excessive crying will resolve with time, managing colic adds significant stress to caring for your newborn child.

My Husband and My Experience:

My sister came to the Bay (where we live) from Los Angeles to meet her new nephew for the first time; he was about five weeks old. I had already noticed my son having difficulty drinking his bottle about 4pm every other day for about a week.  She suggested I write down in a journal recording what was occurring, what time it would happen and anything else that seemed important and take it to our pediatrician. I had just been to the pediatrician two weeks before for his one-month checkup when she confirmed it was what 40% of parents out there have to deal with, colic and to top it off he was also diagnosed with acid reflux that same day.  So much fun!  Here I am with my husband hours away from our closest family members, first time parents, with a kid that has colic and acid reflux.  Spit up I can handle, that’s not a big deal but watching my child suffer for hours and scream inconsolably is enough to make any parent go crazy.

I am not going to sugar coat it, it was ridiculously hard.  I did feel like I was going mad.  I grew frustrated and impatient and felt sorry for myself and my baby.  But then I said enough with this, I wasn’t going to let this, crappy temporary condition rule our lives.  So, I went to war.

I read, I tried, and I followed through.  I spoke to as many people I knew and figured out what we needed to do, really what all parents need to do, put him a on schedule, and if we got a bad day or a day where he was exhibiting symptoms then we will continue like scheduled.  We weren’t going to keep this from defining the first few months of our lives with our first born.

We knew around what time it would start so we began shifting feedings to accommodate.  We figured out what soothed him.  For us it was bath time for others it’s the motion of the clothes dryer and for others its driving in the car.  Whatever the case maybe, find what they love and be prepared.   We made sure to start a bath at 6pm and keep him in it longer than normal to keep him happier and distracted from the pain.  If it was very bad we used Colic Calm (I’m not a doctor so I don’t recommend doing anything your doctor doesn’t recommend).  Our doctor didn’t recommend it but she did say that other parents found some relief.   It worked but we used it sparingly, not wanting to depend on it, not to mention it left his poop coming out blackish.  It worked for us.  After bath time, we would attempt to feed him,(we had to keep him held up do to his acid reflux for about 30 minutes). then put him down around 730pm.

After five months it was gone and we were left with a child that still didn’t sleep through the night (that will be another blog post to come), but a happy rambunctious kid.  In the end, we’re left much more wise and knowledgeable of how difficult it is to have a child with colic and to not have a village around to support you.  We were not that lucky and didn’t have the support, just my hubby and myself. By the time he entered Daycare at six months old the colic was gone and the signs of having a possessed child a not too distant memory.

So, keep at it mommy and daddy.  You can do it.  You’re not alone, and if you need support reach out to me, I’m here to help you and so are many other mommy’s and daddy’s out there.

Best of luck


Read Marissa’s original post here!

Pictured above: Marissa in our Raising Gentlemen tee.


To learn about Mommy Burnout, read our blog post here!




Mom Culture Pop-Up Recap.

Mom Culture Pop-Up Recap.

We are so pleased looking through photos and comments from our recent pop-up shop on Saturday 7/14! Thank you to all who came to support our showroom opening, and to those who sent their love and support from a distance.

Not only did we have a dessert table topped with a donut tree (thanks to Pinterest), but we also brewed Mom Culture coffee!!


We also had special guests!!

-Sarah from Loved By Hannah & Eli (@lovedbyhannahandeli)


-Jess from Hello Sweetie Pies (@hellosweetiepies)


-Anna from Mina Loves Bows (@minalovesbows)





Thank you all for such a memorable pop-up shop at our new location. If you’re local, please select “Local Pickup” at checkout to avoid shipping fees and to stop by and say hello!

See our listing in The Valley News!




Sweet Potato Toast Bar Recipe, and many more!

Sweet Potato Toast Bar Recipe, and many more!


We are in love with this super easy recipe from Chef Meg at More Momma! Chef Meg (@moremomma) is a wife and momma to 2 boys (and 1 on the way) and still has time to blog about her favorite healthy (and easy) recipes. From her kitchen to yours, jot down this sweet potato pizza/toast recipe! Enjoy!


Pizza Sweet Potato Toast (Serves 4)

Ingredients: 2 Large Sweet Potatoes, Sliced lengthwise 1/8”

Toppings (quantity desired):

Tomato Sauce

Italian Mixed Cheese


Other options: sausage, mushrooms, olives, ham, pineapple



  1. Preheat oven to 450 F. Place sweet potato slices on a foil lined baking dish (make sure there  is about an inch space between each slice).
  2. Bake sweet potatoes for 6 minutes. Flip and bake for another 6 minutes. Remove from the oven.
  3. Top with cheese and pepperoni and place under the broiler for 2 minutes or until cheese is melted and slightly golden.


Sandwich Style Sweet Potato Toast

Ingredients: 2 Large Sweet Potatoes, Sliced lengthwise 1/8”

Toppings (quantity desired):

Peanut Butter

Fresh Fruit or Jelly


Other options: deli meat, lettuce, mustard, cheese



  1. Preheat oven to 450 F. Place sweet potato slices on a foil lined baking dish (make sure there  is about an inch space between each slice).
  2. Bake sweet potatoes for 6 minutes. Flip and bake for another 6 minutes. Remove from the oven.
  3. Spread desired amount of peanut butter onto sweet potato slices. Top with fruit and sprinkle with cinnamon.


Egg Style Sweet Potato Toast


2 Large Sweet Potatoes, Sliced lengthwise 1/8”

Toppings (quantity desired):

Hard Boiled Eggs



Other options: bacon, avocado


  1. Preheat oven to 450 F. Place sweet potato slices on a foil lined baking dish (make sure there  is about an inch space between each slice).
  2. Bake sweet potatoes for 6 minutes. Flip and bake for another 6 minutes. Remove from the oven.
  3. Place cheese on top of sweet potato slices and top with sliced hard boiled eggs and your favorite salsa.


Have you tried this recipe? We want to know, share in the comments below!


For a fun Kid Popsicle recipe, click here

For a refreshing Watermelon Agua Fresca recipe, click here




Aromatherapy During The Summer Months

Aromatherapy During The Summer Months

Today’s blog is about the importance of keeping with your essential oil routine during the summer months. It is a guest submission by a dear friend, Tara of Gear Oils. You can check out her Etsy store here.

Summer is here, and for most people that means outdoor activities, BBQ’s, watersports, the pool, the beach, the lake, the river, vacations sun bathing, and overall long days in the sun.  With the rays of the sun being the strongest between the hours of 10am and 4pm, when people are the most active, while outside it is always important to wear a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, reapply often to help avoid sun damage.  If you are also incorporating essential oils in your daily health routine, it is also important to not apply the oils on your chest, wrists, temples, or any area that will be exposed to the sun, and to keep your oils out of direct sunlight and the heat especially during the summer.  This is not to say that you should stop using your oils, please stay on your essential oil routine, just try and remember that although essential oils absorb quickly into the skin, they are still oils and can attract the sun to the area.  The best way to benefit from aromatherapy essential oils that are used for health concerns in the summer, is before leaving the house, apply your oils early on to the bottoms of the feet if you are planning on being outside for the duration of the day.  This way you are able to still get the aromatherapy health benefits that you desire and remain on your protocol.

Often times our summers are so busy that it is easy to forgo a particular essential oil routine while in the sun, or to forget to put on our sunscreen, or we are enjoying our outdoor activities so much that sunburns and possible sun damage can occur.  There is a natural essential oil solution if this happens to you and your family and that is GEAR OILS after sun care “Sun Burn Away” spray.  This spray is easy to travel with, and one that you can add into your personal home health apothecary to be ready when sunburns strike!  The “Sun Burn Away” spray is a combination of a few different essential oils such as Helichrysum, Peppermint, Lavender, and others oils that, when sprayed on the skin, have a cooling effect and also help reduce the onset of a sunburn by speeding up the healing capacity of the skin.  There is also a snowflake obsidian crystal inside every bottle of spray, to infuse the spray energetically with a stronger healing result. You are able to use this spray liberally on the sun burn area, and on children and adults alike, and since most sun burns last 3 to 5 days use as needed for relief but do not use and go back into the sun, but use as an after the sun care spray.

Lastly, essential oils can be a beneficial part of your summertime routine, but they are also meant to be used thoughtfully when sun exposure is involved.  Because sunburns can be linked to sun poisoning, if you suspect sun poisoning while treating a sun burn please seek medical advice immediately.  In conclusion, the information here is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness or disease, and should not take the place of medical treatment, but is provided to give you an essential oil alternative through aromatherapy during the summer months to help keep your body running like a well oiled machine with GEAR OILS.


A little background info on Tara of Gear Oils…

My name is Tara Baumann and I am trained and certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Nutritionist for over 25 years, and the owner and operator of my company, GEAR OILS.  I am not a MLM company, and everything in my line is hand blended and created by me.  My product line is also Steampunk themed, and Steampunk is becoming more and more popular, you may have even seen Steampunk items at Disneyland, and I primarily vend GEAR OILS  at Steampunk shows throughout the country.  

The aromatherapy products that GEAR OILS creates are crystal infused, color therapy and chakra balancing therapeutic grade essential oil blends for Pain, Anxiety, Migraines, Insomnia, even a Beard Balm, a Mustache Wax, and much more.  The crystals that I place inside every bottle of oil corresponds with the ailment that I am trying to address.  For example, my best selling Pain Oil has Snowflake Obsidian in every bottle for the healing energy vibration that this crystal helps with pain.  The chakra and color therapy that I include is represented on the color printing of the label of every oil to bring awareness to the user, an is based on the seven chakras.  To use my Pain Oil again as an example, the color red is used on the label to represent the root chakra, and to ground the individual experiencing pain.

Every one of my therapeutic essential oil blends also comes with an information sheet explaining the key note oil in every blend, the crystal used in every blend, and its purpose in every blend, the storage, usage, and safety of every blend, as well as nutritional suggestions to compliment every bend, all written by me.

If you would like to see a sample of my product line please visit www.etsy.com/shop/GearOils or Facebook.com/GearOils and I also have testimonials, a five star rating, and I base my company a repeat customer base.  Going forward I will be writing a blog on how you can benefit by using essential oils in your personal and in your families care, and how you will benefit specifically by using GEAR OILS “Creating optimal health, with aromatherapy, to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.”


To read more uses for essential oils, read our blog post here.

July is National Park Month

July is National Park Month

Since July is National Park Month, our lovely Gina, went hiking with her family and is seen in the picture above in our Raise Good Humans crew tee. We are going to keep this blog post short and sweet because…the point is to encourage you to go outside with your littles! Enjoy the hot weather and explore nature around you. And not to mention, the kids will be going back to school soon. Maybe this weekend you can pack up a picnic basket, grab the sunscreen, and tell the kiddos you are taking them on an adventure!

(Gina in above picture in our Own Your Motherhood oatmeal tee)


Where will you go explore this weekend? Share with us in the comments below.


Happy Friday!


What to read during pregnancy?

What to read during pregnancy?


This blog post was originally posted on June 14, 2018 by Amber Navarro (@mamasolbirth) who is a Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor and a Doula!

She has some amazing reading suggestions while you are Growing Tiny Humans.


With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes birth books. Quiet time can be a hot commodity for us parents too, so before we turn our precious moments alone during nap time or a kid free trip out of the house over to a birth book it helps to know it’s worth devoting time to. With that in mind, I’m sharing a few of my top picks as a Birth Doula for books to read during your pregnancy journey in preparation for your birth. These are books I’ve read myself and recommend all the time to the families I support as a Doula.

In addition to being able to learn or review some of the important milestones and decisions you might encounter during your pregnancy and birthing time, setting time aside to read is a great way to slow down during your pregnancy. You can use this time to practice or implement relaxation techniques, and it’ll also give you a chance each day to intentionally connect with the tiny human you’re growing. I’ve found that when I sit, take a moment to connect with my tiny human and note where we are in our journey, this is when he is most active. Knowing this, my intentional quiet time before I dive into reading or breathing practice each day has easily become something I look forward to and enjoy.

I also want to mention, even though it feels different at times in the motherhood community, there is no perfect birth. There is only the perfect birth for you and your family. However, one of the best ways to work towards the birth you envision is by getting familiar with the emotional, physical, and physiological aspects of birth and exposing yourself to the power you have when it comes to decision making. The evidence actually tells us that even when births deviate from our vision, birthing people who feel prepared for these changes often still view their birth experience in a positive light. So really you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by adding to your bank of birth knowledge.
Don’t be deterred by the Natural in the title if you’re still exploring your vision for birth, what this book really offers is some good insight on how to prepare for birth in a hospital setting whether your goal is zero intervention or you’re open to certain procedures or medications
Not only is this a great option for the birthing person, but it’s probably my top pick for your partner or the support person you’d like present during your birth.
This book covers it all – the physiological must-knows (think how the body functions during labor), the emotional transformation you’re about the embark on, and it gives practical advice for preparing your body for birth right down to recipes and yoga poses.
I love this book because while it includes great information birthing people need to know, it also marries the scientific research we currently have with things like meditation and ceremony.
This is worth the read because it discusses decisions birthing families commonly encounter and some of the evidence available to us on these interventions. I’m a huge advocate for evidence based care so this one always comes to mind, and it’s also a great resource for VBAC families.

Some additional options:

Birthing from Within

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method

Cut, Stapled, and Mended
*therapeutic option for birthing people attempting VBAC*

Active Birth

Now grab your pregnancy pillow, get comfy, and happy reading!


When Life Gives You Lemons...

When Life Gives You Lemons…

…add salt + tequila!



Today is National Tequila Day, so obviously we are participating in the festivities! What are some drinks/food to make with tequila?


Guess where our favorite Margarita Mix is from?? That’s right…Target! Click here to check it out!

Do you have a favorite recipe using tequila? Let us know!





3 Ways to Stretch Out Your Budget

3 Ways to Stretch Out Your Budget

Ok so I don’t know about you, but there is something relaxing about knowing your finances are not stretched super thin. I know it’s only July, but there are some things to do (even now) to prep for having extra cash for the holidays! These are just a few tips that I have found to be relatively simple adjustments in my daily life and can reap surprising rewards within a couple of months.

1.Christmas in July/August

This is something that I have done for years now. When I go to the mall and I see something in a store window and think “My mom would love this necklace!”, I buy it and set it aside for her Christmas gift. I have a box in our house that is known to be Christmas presents. When I see something as a gift for someone else, I buy it. Instead of waiting until December, when everyone else is out shopping, I save myself the stress of finding parking, waiting in line, realizing that the shirt I want to get for my husband isn’t in his size…. I’m feeling stressed just thinking about that! Save yourself (and your kids) the stress of waiting until the last minute. Start shopping now. This also is great on your wallet. If you look at your bank statements, there won’t be a surge of hundreds of dollars in one month! Save your credit score. 😉

2.Set an amount to put into savings

It doesn’t have to be much, even putting away $20 per week makes a difference. If you can put away at least $20 a week, you will save $80 a month! That adds up quickly.

3.Make coffee at home

I know it seems silly…but think about it. Going to your local Starbucks drive thru can be upwards of $3 each visit. If you go just Monday-Friday, every week, you are spending an average of $60 per month on coffee alone! And that’s if you only go ONCE a day! That’s not to say you can’t ever go treat yourself to coffee every once in a while.

Do you have any money saving tips? Share with us in the comments below!




4 Easy Boredom Busters!

4 Easy Boredom Busters!

Summertime is great and all…but let’s face the facts. The kids are home ALLLLLL day. Not only does it wear me out, but they run out of activities! In our house, we have come up with a few activities that are age-appropriate and keep the mind sharp while they are on break from school.


Carwash (toy cars)

This will teach them the importance of taking care of your belongings and the value of things.


Pre-school Aged Children

Backyard picnic

Have them pick out different foods to eat: ham, cheese, carrots. Then cut into bite-sized pieces and have a fun conversation while enjoying the great outdoors.


School-Aged Children

Nature hike/scavenger hunt around the neighborhood

1. Look for shapes in houses (triangles, circles, squares)

2. Look for different leaves (maple, oak, beech)

3. Look for types of bugs (ants, bees, spiders)

-cars (car, truck, etc.)


Baking recipe or science experiment (depending on how much you trust your tween…) 😉

Some helpful resources are:

Pigs in a Blanket: https://www.browneyedbaker.com/pigs-in-a-blanket/

Giant Donut Cake: http://www.thebakerupstairs.com/2017/05/giant-donut-cake.html

Emoji Baking Recipes: https://www.livinglocurto.com/emoji-party-cakes-desserts/


Do you have any boredom busters? Share with us in the comments below.



Can Your Child Help Themselves in an Aquatic Emergency?

Can Your Child Help Themselves in an Aquatic Emergency?


Not One More Child Drowns….Can Your Child Help Themselves in an Aquatic Emergency?


As a parent, you always think you will watch over your children and not let the unthinkable happen when it comes to drowning. The fact is that our children are curious and adventurous! That moment when you are in another room and your child comes in with colored pen all over themselves…be thankful it was just pen as that is the same amount of time a child can find their way into the water.


Not One More Child Drowns is the motto for ISR (Infant Swimming Resource). ISR is the pioneer of Self-Rescue lessons for children as young as 6 months old – 6 years old and has been around for over 50 years. ISR is the global leader with over 600 instructors, in 16 countries, having taught over 9 million safe lessons so children have the skills needed to save themselves should they find themselves in an aquatic emergency.


I am a mother of three that formerly lived in Tucson, AZ with an amazing career as a High-Risk Labor and Delivery Nurse. Our three young children went through ISR and I loved watching every moment of their progress. When our second son was 18 months old, my husband and I were in our yard talking……no music, no party or distractions….we thought we were in our yard alone when all of a sudden our son walked up to us soaking wet in his winter clothes! We saw nothing, heard nothing but by the grace of God, he was skilled to save himself! When we asked what happened, he pointed to the pool. Fast forward to 2010…we moved back to California and ISR was not being taught in our area so I quickly left my career as a Nurse and went through the extensive training to become a Certified ISR Instructor.


I am blessed to work with young children in our community and teach them ISR Self-Rescue skills. I have worked with several families that have lost a child to drowning or have had a child nearly drown that survived with life long debilitations from the near drowning event. I love when I get calls from my swim families telling me how much their child is loving the water or the stories of when they have had to use their skills to get themselves out of the water from an accidental fall in rather than becoming a statistic to the number one cause of death in children 4 and under.


The beauty of having a child with ISR skills is that your child learns to respect the water and has the ability to make decisions independently in that one moment that no one is there. Babies 6 months old till walking independently learn a stable float and how to get to their float. Children walking and up, learn to swim, roll over to a float to rest and breath and flip back over to a swim and repeat that process to get themselves out of a pool. Sooo many people rely on puddle jumpers or floaties when around the water (which is a law when on a boat) but for “swimming” in a pool, this is only hindering a child and giving them a false definition of what it is to be in the water. These devise teach a child how to be “independent”, shows them water is fun, and makes them think they can breathe in the water. What a child doesn’t realize is that the floaties are what makes all that happen and when they venture out when no one is looking, the unthinkable can happen in a split second. On the flip side (pun intended) an ISR skilled child that ventures out is going to look at the water and decide if they want to go in or not. Going in means they have to work and do their skills independently….a decision they can safely make in that moment no one is looking.

If you would like to find an instructor near you, you can go to our main website at www.infantswim.com and plug in your zip code to find a Certified ISR Instructor near you. If you are in the Inland Empire are, I am happy to get your precious child skilled.


Live Like Jake is a foundation out of Florida that has joined forces with ISR to raise awareness of childhood drowning. Live Like Jake is currently running a survey and actively gathering responses from the survey but I wanted to share some of the statistics that they have gathered so far. These responses are from 120 parents that have had a child(ren) experience a drowning accident both fatal and nonfatal.


67% of the children relied on a flotation device in the water

20% of those children were wearing theirs before the accident

38% of the drownings occurred at HOME

73% of the time a parent was present during the accident

66% of the children had no former swimming lessons before the accident


Check out some videos during real swim sessions

  1. A 2 year old in his summer clothes
  2. A 6 month old who has only had 3 weeks of classes!


Submission by: Lindsey Dolan who is a certified Infant Swim Rescue instructor in the Inland Empire.


Mommy Burnout is a Real Thing!

Mommy Burnout is a Real Thing!

“I’m so tired, I never get anything done, I’m so depressed, my head/back/neck/stomach hurts all the time, my kids are driving me crazy, my husband is no help, I feel like I am not doing a good enough job…ever. I’m just so… BURNED OUT.”

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading. We have discovered a book written by Dr. Sheryl Ziegler that discusses the brutal honesty of motherhood and how many (if not all) women fall into depression, anxiety, and loneliness soon after becoming a “mom”. Dr. Sheryl Ziegler is a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado and a member of the Colorado Association for Play Therapy and American Psychological Association. She lives in Denver with her husband and three children.

This book is written in a first-person perspective and is a very easy read. It is comforting to know that there are other women who are struggling with balancing everything from their marriage, to kids, to cooking and cleaning. Dr. Ziegler wrote this book to reach women of all stages of motherhood and let them know that they are not alone with these daily stressors. She also wanted to offer a way to stop this unhealthy cycle of mommy burnout (depression, envy, stress, anxiety). This book is a great gift for your mom, sister, friend, and for yourself. Buy the Mommy Burnout book here! Follow Dr. Ziegler on Instagram: @dr.sherylziegler




Raising Gentlemen

Raising Gentlemen


“They are mad at me every day for having them clean, have a bedtime, pick up their messes, get their chores done before video games, pick up their plates, pick up their laundry, shower and help around the apartment. They can call me mean & strict all day long. It’s the most exhausting battle teaching these little puppies how to be men.”

Get your “Raising Gentlemen” tee here.


Submission from @allison_allen_hairstylist

Confessions of the Anxious Mama

Confessions of the Anxious Mama

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this brand. Every shirt is made with intention and meaning behind it, based on my own motherhood journey or those around me. Seeing these amazing women wear and share their stories, struggles and shenanigans with our products IS what keeps me trucking on through my own emotional and business struggles. This #Repost from @thefortintrio is everything to me.

I’ve been a Mom for almost 3 years now. During those 3 years I have been on and off anxiety meds. The journey has not been the easiest, but I have learned about who I am as a Mom and become so much stronger because of the journey. 🌿

When I was 3 months postpartum I finally saw my Doctor to get some help for the major baby blues and extreme exhaustion I was feeling. I was struggling at this Mom gig. I have never struggled with anxiety or depression until I became a Mom of triplets. The lack of sleep was tortuous and my anxious heart was crippling me. I was fearful of everything and my heart was smothered in “what if’s?” 🌿

When I saw my Doctor, she told me I was actually high risk for PPD because of my infertility, multiples pregnancy, and traumatic birth. I certainly was not prepared for the struggles that came. And I kind of wish I was more aware about the risk factors and the possibilities of PPD or Anxiety prior to having kids. I had this non existent idea of Motherhood. I thought it was going to make the happiest I have ever been. And don’t get me wrong, it certainly has. It’s the most rewarding journey. However, Motherhood is not easy. I have also struggled more to love myself and find self worth and confidence which has always come so natural to me. 🌿

When I stopped breastfeeding I went on Lexapro daily and Xanax for my panic attacks. And I have been on them both and off since my kids were 3 months old. 🌿

Being on anxiety meds does not make me a failure. It doesn’t mean I am not good enough or undeserving. It means I am doing what I need to to be the best I can be for my kids, my family. 🌿

Our mental health journeys are all personal, heart breaking, and usually very difficult. Yet what I have seen more than anything birthed from my mental health journey is strength. I am strong and I’m fighting anxiety daily. I am learning more about myself and my needs as a Mom. A new found confidence has been placed in my heart. I am brave. And I am not alone. I am doing what I need to do to help me walk through this season of Motherhood. I am owning my journey and believing by sharing my story someone’s heart is touched!🌿 Tee: @themomculture


Read her Blog: https://ourjourneytoparenthoodblog.com/
#motherhood #stopthestigma #mamas #mentalhealth

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Mom Culture Loves: Margaret Vera

Mom Culture Loves: Margaret Vera

We love Margaret Vera accessories!

We discovered that she has a ROSE GOLD clutch for only $25!

If you know me at all, you know that is my all time fave color!

(Hint: It matches perfectly with our “Motherhood Winging It” rose gold slouchy tee.) 😉


So what is Margaret Vera? It is an accessory brand created by Meg Councilman. All of their products are 100% genuine leather and are handmade in USA. They have tote bags, backpacks, clutches, earrings, and much more! Check out the shop here.

Follow her on Instagram: @shopmargaretvera

(below) Meg in our Black Heather V-Neck “Raise Good Humans” Tee




Winging it, and winning it with grace.

Winging it, and winning it with grace.

Every day we wing it and win it, even if we don’t feel like it. Mamas we’re doing a great job, and giving ourselves a little grace can go a long way trust us!

Read today’s Mom Culture Community post from the lovely CHRISTA SUPPÉ of www.sisterhousephoto.com

“I have felt really convicted lately. I am not perfect. I have made mistakes. Had poor judgment. Argued when I shouldn’t have. Spoke too soon. ➵
Even as a follower of Christ, I find myself in the dark places sometimes. when life gets busy.

I heard this over the weekend and it really spoke to me: “either the world happens to you, or you happen to the world.”

Life has certainly happened to me and while that hasn’t been bad necessarily, I haven’t felt like I am where I want and need to be: As a Christ follower, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend.

Looking for peace and balance with myself and my Lord. Great news is, there is always an abundance of grace. Thank you, Jesus.”


Mom Culture Loves: GREAT Kids Snack Box

Mom Culture Loves: GREAT Kids Snack Box

GREAT Kids Snack Boxes

Even though the kids are out of school for summer, these are still loooong days and somehow they eat more than I remember. Anyone else understand the struggle?! We discovered this amazing company that specializes in healthy kid snack boxes. Not only does it save this mama from a trip to the grocery store, but it also rescues my sanity knowing that what they are eating is healthy. I don’t need to worry about what comes out of the pantry anymore.



You can pick from 3 styles of snack boxes: 20 snacks, 30 snacks, or 30 gluten-free snacks! This is a month-to-month subscription service, so it’s not something you have to think about re-ordering every week. And by “healthy” snacks, I mean…the kids actually enjoy them! Nothing icky tasting. All super yummy options. Check it out here!


Follow them on Instagram @GREATkidssnacks

For 25% off your order, use promo code at checkout: TMC25







Mom Culture Loves: Living Proof

Mom Culture Loves: Living Proof

I know you’ll agree with me when I say that it doesn’t matter your hair type, we all know what the “frizzies” are. Whether you have naturally voluminous (curly) hair or if you have stick straight hair. Nobody likes those pesky frizzy hairs. Good news! We discovered a product that actually works! This Instant De-Frizzer aerosol goes on easily and is literally magic in a bottle. Just spray about 4-6″ away from hair and brush through your hair. We’ve tried it and it’s amazing!

Another favorite is the Restore Perfecting Spray. Spray on damp hair from roots to ends and comb through before styling with a blow dryer. Not only does it have detangling powers, but also acts as a heat protectant. What more could you ask for??


On the company’s site, their mission statement is clear:

“We are problem solvers. We solve the toughest beauty challenges with science and patented technology. Our founders are hair stylists who were fed up with the limitations of conventional products and scientists from outside the beauty industry who werenot confined by preconceived notions of what can and can’t be done. Twenty patents, over 40 products, and more than 100 awards later, we have countless love letters thanking us for making products that keep their promises and for changing lives in ways both big and small. We are the Living Proof. And so are you.”


They also have a blog called “The Strand” (how cute is that name?!) Check it out here for more styling tips!

Living Proof products can be found at your favorite retailers: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, and of course on their own site. What are your favorite Living Proof products?




4 Quick Tips to Create a Habit of a Healthy Lifestyle

4 Quick Tips to Create a Habit of a Healthy Lifestyle

To all those Mama’s out there who realize since they’ve been pregnant, the first thing to push lower on your priority list is yourself, I encourage you to keep reading. My friend Bethany is an inspiration to all women. Not only is she a running coach, but also a mother of FOUR! She has an amazing blog with some healthy recipes and workouts to do at home – even with your kiddos!

In her blog post Quick Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle she outlines a few great tips that everyone can relate to. As basic as “set your alarm”. Something as simple as this makes a HUGE difference. Scheduling time for yourself is so important as a mom. It’s so much easier to get caught up in the motions of taking care of everyone else and putting yourself on the backburner. But trust me, you won’t regret it!!

She also has a Mommy + Me Workout that is an excellent option for stay-at-home Mama’s. 

A yummy recipe to try for dinner (and it’s paleo-friendly!) is the Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla-less Soup


Follow Bethany on Instagram for more health advice: @be.fit.davis





Mom Culture Loves Target!

Mom Culture Loves Target!

We just got word about some summer sales at Target.com.

Check out our faves!!

Women’s short sale, starting at $9 – Valid: 6/24-6/30.

These flag shorts are a summer must have, especially with 4th of July right around the corner!


Opalhouse Furniture – Lily Rattan Arm Chair with metal legs

(child not included) 😉

Shop Opalhouse furniture here

Shop Women’s shorts here






5 Best Places in SoCal to See Fireworks - 4th of July

5 Best Places in SoCal to See Fireworks – 4th of July

We all know how difficult it can be to plan where to go with the whole family, especially for a holiday.

This year, we made a list of our top 5 favorite spots to view fireworks for the Fourth of July in SoCal.

Check it out!



1. San Diego County Fair – The Fourth of July is the last day that the fair is open, so it tends to be a little chaotic with parking, but if you make a day out of it, it is definitely worth the crowd!


2. Disneyland– Again, it’s probably best to spend the entire day at the park, and be sure to get there early. But, everyone knows that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. They have fabulous firework shows nightly, and their Fourth of July show is no exception.

3. Newport Beach – Starting at 9am (on 36th Street) there will be a bike parade. This sounds like a sight to see! At Channel Place Park from 9:30am-11:30am, there will be a Family Community Festival. Entry is free.

4. Huntington Beach – There is a parade that starts at 10am and the festivities continue on the pier until about 9pm, which is when the firework show begins.

5. Long Beach – The firework show is only about a half hour long, starts at 9:30pm, but has been noted as “one of the best shows!”.

Don’t know what to wear?? We have an idea =)

Motherhood Winging It Red Scoop Tee – Limited Edition (link to purchase)

 Motherhood Winging It Trucker Hat – Limited Edition (link to purchase)



Did we miss your favorite SoCal Firework show? Let us know!! Comment below.









Potty Training

Potty Training

Since June is Potty Training Awareness month, we have decided to compile a list of tips and tricks.

When is the right time to start with potty training? Pull-Ups posted an article with 6 signs your toddler is ready to start potty training. Take a look:

This article we found on Pinterest has 15 genius potty training hacks. One that particularly stood out was to put a sticker on the wall behind the toilet paper roll. Show your child to only pull enough TP to reach the sticker. That way they don’t pull off too much TP and end up clogging the toilet.

There is even an entire brand dedicated to products geared toward potty training-aged children. Kandoo offers flushable wipes, hand soap, and much more. They specialize in chemical-free products that are kid-friendly. They are also the company that created Boogie Wipes. (Can I get an ‘Amen!’?)

Kandoo has an article about what types of rewards to offer your child during this exciting, yet sometimes stressful, transition in their growth. The most common reward we have found is a sticker chart. Kids are very visual. So when they can see the progress they have made, it can make a world of difference!


What are/were your potty training tips? Any funny stories? Successes or fails? We want to know!!




Here's your reminder to get in the suit mama

Here’s your reminder to get in the suit mama

I can honestly say I don’t have a single memory of my mother in a bathing suit. I’m not sure if it’s because she tried to stay out of the sun or if it’s her illness that kept her from it…or maybe it was her body. Whatever the reason was, I never saw her in one growing up.  For a California native, you’d think I’d love suits and live in them, but nope not I. Sure, I loved them as a child and I dreaded them as a teen; majorly due to being so self-conscious of my ever-changing body.  I was 5’9″, ghostly pale (by choice), and until about 17 had zero cleavage; needless to say I wasn’t found in a suit very often.  It was tanks and shorts with a hat most summers.

Fast forward to motherhood: having to brave those early mommy and me classes. I had to get over my fear of bathing suits and quick.  It wasn’t until my third and final baby that I truly embraced the mom bod that motherhood has given me, the squish and all its marks.  The funny thing is I’m NOW comfortable in my skin. It took being 37 years old and 20lbs heavier than I’ve ever been to truly be at home in this body.  Isn’t it funny how motherhood changes us?  And for the better, am I right?

I ran across a meme of sorts a few years ago and posted it on our social media called “10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer” by Scarymommy.com needless to say it spoke to me and my following.  It’s also why I started making sure I put on the damn suit and enjoyed the fun with my children.  I don’t want them trying to remember if I played with them or swam in the pool when they’re older and I don’t want my daughter to see me hiding under layers and cause her to question her own body.

I splurged last summer for our family vacation on a new suit from Albionfit.com a two-piece that I had seen on my good friend Sarah of @lovedbyhannahandeli she had the top on in a family photo and I fell in love with it and had to have it! I proudly put on that suit for every occasion last summer with confidence… I got in the water and in the picture with all my kids and even some mommy besties for a spa day.  I encourage you all to find a suit that makes you feel good (I know it’s hard but) get out this summer with your littles too; they won’t remember the stretch marks, saggy boobs or extra squish we have. They WILL REMEMBER that MOM played with them that summer!

Here are a few of my faves from last summer and this spring in my favorite suit.



Striped Crop Top


High-Waisted Bottoms




Why Should Kids Do Yoga?

Why Should Kids Do Yoga?

From babies to big kids, yoga has so many amazing overall health benefits. Aside from getting the body up and moving, there are several other advantages to introducing yoga at a young age. 

“Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of life and encourages self-awareness, mindful breathing, balance and coordination.” Yaiza Magdalena wrote about 5 benefits of kids practicing yoga: physical activity, calming of the mind, increases concentration, proper breathing, and confidence. What I want to focus on is the proper breathing technique and calming of the mind. These are 2 extremely important tasks in any growing child. When a child is frustrated because they cannot tie their shoes after spending the last couple of weeks learning about the bunny ears and the tree analogy… It is one of those moments where you cannot simply teach a child how to breathe. It needs to be an instinctive reaction to frustration. Yoga is a method of learning to how to replace feelings of anger and anxiety with self-reflection and mindfulness.

Another really useful attribute of yoga practice is that it helps children who have been diagnosed with autism. Yoga can help with motor skill development, which is usually delayed in children with autism. It can also significantly improve social skills and confidence with others. This article explains in further detail of how yoga can help children with autism as well as helping the parents understand their child’s needs. By creating a safe environment to learn yoga in, it can be a fun activity to do everyday with your child. Try to do 10 minutes before or after playtime. Before breakfast and after dinner.

So now we get that yoga is wonderful, but, where to start??

An awesome resource we have used when the kids got older (age 5+) is: Yoga for Kids – Silly to Calm (Vol. 3). Found on Amazon.

For younger kiddos, we recommend: Itsy Bitsy Yoga’s Play ‘n’ Flourish Yoga for Your baby from Birth to 10 months with Helen Garabedian, also found on Amazon.

We have also found that certain essential oils aid in soothing the anxious mind. To read more about Essential Oils click here.


Here are a few awesome kid-friendly yoga poses to try today! (Original article, here)


To see some of our fave yoga gear, read here.

Buy the “Mama Needs Namaste” tank for only $5!! No code needed.




Style Pick of the Week: Kim + Ono

Style Pick of the Week: Kim + Ono

During our family vacation this week, we made a stop in San Francisco. If you’ve ever been there, you know that a few days is definitely not long enough to explore all that this city has to offer. There’s incredible food, beautiful scenery, historic buildings, and of course, the Golden Gate Bridge!

We spent an entire day touring around Chinatown and as I walked past this storefront Kim+Ono, I knew I had to check it out! I was immediately hooked!

(And yes, I bought one for myself!). Keep reading to see which one I got 😉


The backstory with this company is that it is a family business that started 30 years ago in San Francisco. It initially opened as a boutique under the name “Old Shanghai” and has recently encountered a re-brand to the catchy name Kim+Ono.


These beautifully-designed kimonos start out as hand-drawn sketches on paper, then evolve to watercolor to create the modern, yet timeless and authentic Chinese brushwork.

Their designs have been featured on Style Me Pretty, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and so many more. Check out their full list of press, here!


This is the robe I purchased: Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe (in emerald).

Absolutely stunning and so comfy! It is made out of polyester charmeuse, which means it is machine washable in cold water, and hang dry. I fell in love as soon as I tried it on!


If you’re ever in San Francisco, I highly suggest you check out their shop.


Kim + Ono is located at:

729 Grant Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94108





Wine - The Uncorked Truth

Wine – The Uncorked Truth

We often hear contradicting information regarding drinking wine and our health. Is it healthy? Is it “bad” for you? I am here to shed some light on this topic. I’m a little biased…because I love red wine. The taste, the smell, the nice buzz; it’s how I get to my “happy place”. I call it my creative juice. 😉 Along with all of the known effects of this fermented grape juice, what are some health benefits? And do they outweigh the calories? Let’s do some research!


How much is “1 glass” of wine, really? According to an article posted on Pop Sugar, 1 glass of wine is only about 5 ounces! That’s much less than I anticipated…

It is recommended that women limit wine intake to 1 glass per day, while men can allow up to 2 glasses per day. The explanation for why men are “allowed” to drink 2 glasses instead of 1 per day is because they generally weigh more than women, and they also have an enzyme that helps metabolize alcohol much quicker than a woman’s body.

On average, there are about 25 calories per ounce of red wine. This article has a formula for calculating how many calories are in a serving of wine; it takes into account the % ABV in the wine.

Calorie Counter Formula for Wine

% of Alcohol X Ounces X 1.6 = Calorie Content

One benefit of drinking white wine is that it has naturally-occurring antibacterial properties. It is suggested that drinking 1 or 2 glasses of white wine while consuming crude oyster and shellfish can significantly aid digestion and prevent possible encounters with E. Coli.

Another article explains that red wine is high in an antioxidant called resveratrol. The effects of resveratrol have been studied and proven to boost heart health, protect against cancers (prostate, colon, breast, lung), prevent some vision loss, reduce LDL cholesterol, and is high in omega 3 fatty acid. Another way to intake resveratrol is from eating: blueberries, red grapes, cranberries, or peanuts.

According to Mayo Clinic, an excess of drinking can lead to an increased risk of cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, liver or pancreas diseases. Clearly, it’s best to stay at or under the recommended daily intake amount to reap the benefits of drinking wine.


The verdict? Wine is ok to drink in moderation and while eating a meal. It’s best not to drink on an empty stomach. So go ahead Mama, don’t feel guilty when reaching for your “bottle” at the end of the day. You’ve spent the entire day taking care of everyone else. Now it’s your time!






To enjoy your daily dose in style, check out our stemless wine glasses below.

Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting Stemless Wine Glass

Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting Stemless Wine Glass

















Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I came across this amazing post the other day on Babble. It is written so beautifully and be sure to have a tissue ready…reading this Mama’s story made me cry!

Original post written by Heather Duckworth, of Love, Faith and Chaos.

The other night I was scrubbing up some slime that my daughter had let ooze through her fingers and slip onto the floor. The slime craze is big in our house and it often leaves behind a sticky, gooey mess. My daughter had cleaned up most of it, but I was scrubbing the grout where the slime was stuck and I was starting to get slightly irritated with this mess. It felt like slime was everywhere! But then all of a sudden I remembered another time in my life when I was cleaning up a big mess many years ago and the memories came flooding back . . .


14 years ago . . .

It was almost bedtime. We were so close. I was completely exhausted and was a hot mess by this time of night. Life was non-stop with our 2-year old triplets and their 4-year old brother. I had no time for myself and it had probably been at least four days since I had taken a shower. Every second of my day was tending to their needs, and although I was completely exhausted, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My hands were full, but so was my heart.

We had just finished the nightly ritual of dinner and baths and had gathered our crew of boys into the playroom to clean up for a few minutes before bedtime. We had some songs playing on the radio and everyone was singing and dancing and picking up their toys.

I was quickly putting toys away, anxious to get my crew in bed so that maybe I could have a few minutes to shower. When all of a sudden, I heard one of the boys say, “Uh, Oh.”

I turned just in time to see blue ink spraying all over the carpet as a pen exploded in the hand of one of my triplets. He squealed with delight as blue ink dripped from his hand and splattered his clean pajamas.

I gasped as I saw blue splatters across the floor and a thick pool of ink sinking into our carpet – our brand new carpet. I quickly yelled for my husband, who had been doing the dishes, to come and help me. I instantly felt so upset as I grabbed my son and took him to the bathroom to clean him up and my husband started scrubbing those bright blue stains on our carpet.

Tears of frustration stung my eyes. I was just so tired. And mad. Like really, really angry. I wasn’t mad at my son – who was as blue as a Smurf – but upset with myself for leaving that pen out where my toddler could reach it. We had only lived in this house for 6 months and now the carpet was completely ruined.

We scrubbed that stain for an hour that night, but yet it remained.

The next day, we had the carpet cleaners come out . . . and they treated it several times, but that stain didn’t even fade . . . it just glared back at me, bright and blue.

I was so disappointed every time I looked at that stain – it was just so ugly, a striking contrast against our tan carpet. And no matter what we did, that stubborn stain remained. That stain made me feel embarrassed and disappointed. It made me feel angry and it made me feel like such a failure for leaving out the pen where my young son could reach it. That blue stain was just a big fat negative in my life. I hated it.

The next month, my sweet son, the one who splattered blue ink all over our carpet was diagnosed with cancer. Two years later, he passed away.

My son was gone, but that blue ink stain? It was still there . . . and now . . . it was a constant reminder of my son. It was a constant reminder of my frustration over something so trivial . . . something so unimportant in the scheme of life.

That blue stain was a constant reminder that life is messy, but that’s what makes it worth living.

A constant reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

A constant reminder that “things” aren’t important, but people are.

A constant reminder that accidents happen.

A constant reminder to let go of the little things and hang on tight to what is important.

Over the years, that stain never did fade. It stayed bright blue on our tan carpet. We learned to hide it well under furniture, but every time I did some deep cleaning and moved the furniture, that stain would be there, staring back at me. It would take my breath away every time I saw it, reminding me of the pain of my loss.

And that stain that used to be such an eyesore and make me cry in frustration now just makes me thank God for these memories.

It reminds me that life is messy. There will be spills on the kitchen floor. Goldfish dropped all over the car. Windows broken with baseballs. Laundry overflowing the baskets and dishes filling the sink. Fingerprints on the glass doors and crayons all over the table. And there will be blue ink stains on your brand new carpet.

But those messes? They come from living and loving and growing and learning. They make me feel grateful. And they are a blessing in disguise.

And you know what?

I would have a million blue ink stains on my carpet if it meant I could have one more day with my son.


I looked at that slime mess all over my floor and it reminded me of that blue stain. It humbled me greatly to realize that somewhere out there is a mother sitting next to her sick child in a hospital . . . wishing she was home cleaning up a mess that her child was healthy enough to make – just as I did all those years ago.

Fresh tears streamed down my cheek as I cleaned that slime with a new perspective – finding the bless in this mess – and thanking God for the whisper to keep my heart thankful and focused on what is important in life.

Heather Duckworth


Heather’s beautiful story has previously been shared on Babble and The Today Show.


To read more about Picking Your Battles, click here.


Why are Dads important?

Why are Dads important?

As I grow older, I realize that many holidays have very somber connotations for people. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day…it makes me so sad hearing that someone just wishes away the holidays. Now, as a newly-married woman (June 3, 2017) and not yet a parent, I find it hard to relate to some things. However, I see these holidays on the flip side.

I am fortunate enough to have a great father in my life, especially looking back at my childhood. At times I would obviously get angry with him on rules that were set, curfew I wanted to break, lies he could see through. When I was old enough to look back at the reasoning why those rules were set in place, I see how it molded me into who I am today. I don’t know where I would have ended up without my dad, and I definitely don’t want to imagine! I am so thankful for the lessons he taught me, how to be a responsible human, why it’s important to look people in the eye during a conversation, or even how I should be treated as a person. His actions paved the way for me and my now husband. My dad always held doors open for me (I used to be so embarrassed), he would write me sweet notes when he would travel for business trips, he knows how to make me laugh. These were all traits I realized later that I would look for in a husband. When my husband and I talk about our future kids, we frequently reference the way my dad approached situations and say “we should copy the way he did that!”


Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with my Dad


So, to all those dads out there who feel like they’re not making a difference or are being unheard – just know that your kids are very perceptive, and they pick up on every little detail. The good and the bad. They need you! Show up to their dance recitals, soccer games or whatever events they are interested in. They will remember you being there and supporting their dreams. Don’t give up. Even if they don’t tell you now how much they appreciate the tough love; they will one day. And remember, it’s ok to be Exhaust-Dad. 😉 Happy Father’s Day!

For 20% off the Exhaust-Dad Collection, use promo code: DAD




Mom Culture Loves: Hide + Seek

Mom Culture Loves: Hide + Seek

Summer Sun Protection is a Must

During the summer months, we all know we need to wear sunblock to keep our skin safe, but something that is frequently disregarded is eye protection. We choose the brand Hide + Seek for our sunglasses. They have several fun color choices for the kiddos and purchasing a couple of pairs won’t break the bank. You can buy one pair of their sunglasses for only $24.99! Our favorite collections to shop from are: Midnight, Mint, and Sunkist. Not only do these glasses boast polarized lenses, they also have 100% UVA & UVB protection and are 100% stylish. These sunglasses allow for kids to be…kids! They are designed to be played in and are kid-durable. 😉


We love supporting businesses like Hide + Seek because of what they stand for. They have an amazing story of how and why they started this company. For every pair of sunglasses purchased, they have committed to donating a pair of sunglasses to an underprivileged child. Read more about Hide + Seek here.

Shop their collections here! For 20% off your purchase, use promo code: momculture (offer expires 8/31/18)

Follow them on Instagram @hideplayseek




Postpartum body love

Postpartum body love

From the first time mom to the seasoned veteran the postpartum body has seen it all.  I feel women have finally come out of the shadows of hiding their postpartum bodies and fancy mesh panties to finally shining a light on the journeys these amazing bodies have been through with a newfound confidence.

I still remember the first glimpse at my own postpartum body after the birth of my daughter I was 26 and felt like a Mack truck had hit me.  The newly squishy tummy covered in stretch marks and medical tape was a little shocking, to be honest.  It personally took me weeks to embrace the changes my body had gone through and the new body motherhood had left me.  By the time I had our second baby at 28, I had fully grown to love and accept the marks and squish because it represented the growth of both these little humans and what my body was capable of doing. By the time I had my last and final baby at the age of 32 my body had walked the walk and talked the talk; stretch marks and hanging skin was nothing new to me and it didn’t even phase me a bit seeing my reflection in the mirror like it once had.  This body had the privilege to make and carry three humans its earned each mark and the extra hanging piece of skin and although it’s not the prettiest in a bikini I’m content in my motherhood skin in a way I never was before children.  This postpartum body I fully embrace with confidence and love for its journey means I’m a mother.

This beautiful video from Mother.ly.com shows just how far these bodies have come and the beauty they hold.  Mom Culture is honored to have two of our shirts featured on two very special mothers embracing their own postpartum bodies Meg Boggs of www.megboggs.com and Desiree Fortin of www.ourjourneytoparenthoodblog.com


To read more from Meg Boggs about postpartum bodies click here.



Summer Shopping at Target

Summer Shopping at Target

Ok, who doesn’t love a great deal when they go shopping?? We found out that Target has these amazing outfits from Universal Thread (all under $30)!

Check out our top 5 style picks!


Women’s Dress


Striped Romper 

Slit Tank


Denim Romper


Side-Button Jumpsuit


Shop Universal Thread items at Target – under $30!

For more styling tips, read our Momveralls blog here.




Mom Culture Loves: Lolleez

Mom Culture Loves: Lolleez

It’s not a matter of if, but, when the kids will get sick again. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that it’s best to buy products that are organic, non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free. We choose Lolleez! They are the only organic throat soothing lollipop we will let our kids eat. They look like candy for the kids. So when they have a sore throat, I don’t give them hard candy to suck on or medicine. This is such a great invention. Easy for the kiddos and it gives me peace of mind knowing that there is a kid-safe product out there. Definitely recommend them!



They come in a variety of flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange Mango.

For 10% off your purchase, use promo code: 10SUMMERCOLD (offer expires on Tuesday 6/12/18).

Shop now, click here!





The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

June is ‘Great Outdoors Month’


Ahhh….summertime. The sun stays out longer, the nights are warmer, people tend to take vacations. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love to be outdoors? I mean, unless you have severe allergies, there is probably something you enjoy doing outdoors. What better timing to talk about the great outdoors, than on World Environment Day and during Great Outdoors Month? Some of our favorite activities are going to the beach, hiking, and gardening. Since this post is about spending time outdoors, we will keep this short post. No excuses! 😉


We encourage you to explore nature around you, wherever you may be.

If you live near the coast, go to the beach. Grab some sunscreen, sand toys, and a good book.

If the beach isn’t your “thing”, go explore nature and hike somewhere. Take a camera with you to capture all of the amazing flowers and trees surrounding you. You’d be surprised how captivating it can be to go on a hike with a camera and an open mind.

Don’t have a full day, but want to still be outdoors-y? Gardening is a great option for you!

Most people think that you can only add new plants in Springtime. But it’s not too late in June to plant certain veggies, such as: tomatoes, beans, and carrots. Or if you’d like to plant flowers, sunflowers are a classic choice.

How are you planning to spend your time this month? Go outside and explore! Remember that in order to Raise Good Humans, you need to provide them with sunlight and water.





To read more about gardening, click here.






Own YOUR Motherhood...what does it mean to you?

Own YOUR Motherhood…what does it mean to you?

The beauty of our ‘Own Your Motherhood’ design is that it truly speaks to each mother in her own way and how she chooses to Mother.  There is no rule book or guide on how to do this jig–each family, child and mother are different–but at our core, we’re all trying to have the same outcome to raise good little humans no matter how different our paths to doing that may be.

These beautiful mamas share about how they feel about Owning their Motherhood. Each submission is by a real-life Mom Culture Community member.


“I seriously love my “Own Your Motherhood” tee, tank, and coffee mug! I get the “Oh you homeschool? How long are you going to do that?” “Oh you breastfeed her still? How long are you going to do that?” I used to try and justify why I was doing something and for how long and then let them make me feel bad for it. Not anymore and this “Own Your Motherhood” line is a perfect reminder!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!”

-Jamie Lantron @lantronpartyof7



“Today I admitted to my socially shy five-year-old son that I am just as scared of people as he is. (I’m just older and experienced at hiding it 🙈.)
He was extremely nervous to go to Kindergarten Orientation this morning & be alone [for an hour] with the other rising kinders and a couple teachers to check out what class is like… meanwhile, I was to be meeting with the other parents and Admins. So, to encourage him, I confessed to him that I was worried about having to walk into a room full of other moms and dads that I’d never met before. I was gonna have to drag my socially anxious butt into school just like him & just own it. Even though I might feel like those other parents are judging me or comparing or looking down on me… I was going to just make it okay.
And then I realized that owning your motherhood isn’t so different from being a hesitant five-year-old. It’s about accepting your parenting style, your flaws, mistakes, wins, losses, panic attacks, tears, laughter… and saying, “This is who I am. Take it or leave it” and then pouring yourself another cup of coffee.

So, in the end, we promised that we would help each other be brave and walked in together hand in hand. I wish life could be like that always 🖤.”

-Quin McConnell @qm_mcconnell




“I was recently so honored to be a featured image on a beautiful postpartum video by @mother.ly. It felt amazing to be a plus size postpartum body that was featured. And yet, no longer to my surprise, I still received a comment about how the bigger woman needs to be honest with herself about how after gaining 35 pounds, it’s my own fault.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told something along these lines. They tell me I was fat before I got pregnant. They tell me that I shouldn’t refer to my body as a postpartum body because I don’t have baby weight, I’m just fat. They say I should be careful raising a child to think being fat is okay. The list goes on. But all of our bodies are so different. All of our life stories are so different. There will never be a time where you can simply glance at someone and know everything about their body and their life. So no— we don’t need to believe what they say. We don’t need to hide and feel ashamed because they tell us we should be. We don’t need to feel depressed if we gained more than 35 pounds during our pregnancy or if we struggle with our postpartum weight. We don’t need to feel judged by whether we workout or not. We can love ourselves hard in however we navigate through motherhood and are allowed to feel happiness and joy while we do it.
Because these judgmental opinions of us don’t matter.
Our stories and our bodies are valued.
So raise that chin up with me, mama, and own your postpartum body and your motherhood.
We are beautiful.
We are worthy.
We are mothers.”

-Meg Boggs @meg.boggs



Want to join our Mom Culture Community? Click this link and ask for an invite.



We just came off our daughter’s 11th birthday and now it’s onto our son’s 9th.  These two are only two years and 8 days apart, so it’s needless to say that May is a busy month for us. Between all the year-end events at school, sports and celebrating our babies’ birthdays, it goes by in a blur…just like their childhood, it’s blazing past me in hyper speed people.

Having the pleasure to raise both genders is a wonderful gift I’m blessed to experience, but navigating the difference can be a challenge. People say, “raise boys and girls the same way”. I get it and the meaning behind the saying, but there are differences you face in raising each gender.  In our current times, I feel the pressure to do better than our past to raise a gentleman who has manners, character and knows the boundaries of personal space and physical contact towards his fellow man and womankind.  As we’re bridging over from the little boy life into young boyhood, there are changes taking place, questions are being asked. In my efforts to teach him and guide him, I’ve looked to books for extra help!

As I’ve done with our daughter, I research and read before handing off these books to these young little minds. I feel it’s important that we do our research first so we’re able to answer their questions and be part of the conversation and learning process right along with them even if it’s a little uncomfortable for us both (insert the giggles…we’ve had lots of them).

I recently found Guys Stuff: The Body Book For Boys ages 8+ by American Girls Brand.  It’s the perfect book for our new stage of boyhood.  It has answered some questions that have recently arisen that he’s been nervous to ask about. Including encouraging good hygiene for those stinky feet and after sports shower needs–which I’m personally so very thankful he read that chapter–because P.U…the stink has hit our house.

This book covers THIS stage and doesn’t give unneeded information (no sex stuff) for our current stage which is why I felt it’s the perfect book for him and extremely age-appropriate.  It covers nutrition, hygiene, friendships, body changes, along with all things boyhood.

I encourage those approaching this new stage to check this book out and start a healthy age-appropriate conversation with your little gentlemen.



10 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

10 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Ever wonder why people say that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a super food?

This list of uses will help you understand how amazing this stuff really is!

My favorite one is the Unfiltered ACV by Bragg.


1. Disinfectant Cleaning – In a spray bottle, mix equal parts (50/50) water to unfiltered ACV, and use as a replacement for harsh chemicals to clean the kitchen, floors and other surfaces in the home.

2. Odor Eliminator – You can add 1 cup of unfiltered ACV to your washing machine to remove mineral buildup and eliminate unpleasant odors. This has been specifically helpful with removing cat urine odor.

3. Trap Fruit Flies – If you’ve ever had a problem with fruit flies, you know how gross it can be to walk into your kitchen and see these tiny flies invade your space. The easiest way to eliminate these critters is to mix 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV, 1-2 drops of Dawn dish soap and water in a small bowl. They will be attracted to the sweet aroma of the ACV but get trapped under the soap.

4. Salad Dressing – Use 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV, squeeze 1 lemon and 1 tbsp. of olive oil. This mixture creates a refreshing, tangy salad dressing.

5. Relieve Arthritis Pain – The potassium content helps to fight against calcium buildup, which aids in pain relief.

6. Wart Removal – For plantar or palmar warts. We all hate warts. They’re painful and don’t look pretty. Trust me, this solution actually works. Right before bed, soak a cotton pad in unfiltered ACV and adhere to the bottom of your foot (or hand) with duct tape. Leave on overnight. If it is on your foot, put on socks so that your bed sheets don’t smell like ACV in the morning. Repeat every night for about 2 weeks. You will begin to see them turning black within a few days and will eventually fall off by themselves. Keep in mind, do not pick at them.

7. Natural Detox*


8. Relieve Muscle Cramps*


9. Boost Metabolism*


10. Gut Health*


*Mix 2 tbsp. of unfiltered ACV with 16 oz. of water, and drink throughout the day for best results.



Where to buy it? (click below)

Amazon or Target



Worth the wait

Worth the wait

The other day I was talking with a mom at school whose son is in kinder with my son.  She was telling me about her dad who was in the hospital with some health issues.  Then she told me how old he is.  He’s 58.  58? Really? Her DAD is only 11 years older than me?  And I’ll be honest, I’m going to be 48 in a few months so maybe he’s only 10 years older.  Her DAD!  Wow.  I knew I was an “older” mom but that one really hit me.  I’m a generation, more like 2 generations, older than most of the moms in my son’s kindergarten class.  Eye opening for sure.
I had my kids later for a variety of reasons.  My parents were both sick for the early years of my marriage and I spent a lot of time caring for them.  Also, we had fertility issues that prevented us from conceiving on our own.  So at age 36, we opted for IVF and were blessed with a daughter.  Our other 2 children were born naturally and I was 39 and 41. I used to wish I had them when I was younger.
If they came when I was in my 20s, my parents would’ve still been alive.  If they came earlier I wouldn’t be 60 when my son graduates high school. If they…
But the reality is that my kids came exactly when they were supposed to.
If I had them earlier I may not have been able to care for my dad full time in the weeks before he passed, having this time with him is invaluable to me. I may have missed taking care of my mom in her home when she was unable to care for herself-again, time I would never trade.
These moments in my life have made me a better mom.  I cherish every moment with my kids because life is way too short- I know, I’ve seen it.
I know how strong I am.  I know when the kids have me exhausted and at my wits end now that I’ve been through worse.  I can handle it.  I’m more patient now.
I waited a long time for my kids.  They were worth waiting for.  So I’ll enjoy every moment, I’ll make them laugh, I’ll hold them when they cry, I’ll mother them with all my heart…because you can do that at any age.



Top 5 needs for essential oils

Top 5 needs for essential oils

What’s the big deal with essential oils?

We all know that these oils smell refreshing and beautiful, but they are actually considered an alternative medicine. Check out our favorite uses!


Although these are designed to be mixed in a diffuser with the appropriate amount of water–each diffuser’s water tank is a different size–they can be applied to the skin directly.


-5 drops of peppermint oil

-3 drops of lavender oil

-3 drops of eucalyptus oil


-5 drops of lavender oil

-2 drops of rosemary oil

-3 drops of lemon oil

-2 drops of chamomile oil


-3 drops of oregano oil

-3 drops of lime oil

-2 drops of peppermint oil

-2 drops of ginger oil


-3 drops of grapefruit oil

-4 drops of orange oil

-3 drops of peppermint oil



-3 drops of peppermint oil

-3 drops of eucalyptus oil

-2 drops of tea tree oil

-2 drops of lemon oil



Quick tips:

  • Topical application tip: only apply 2-3 drops of mixture directly to back of neck and temples (a little goes a long way).
  • If you are fighting a cold, you can put a few drops of oregano oil under your tongue. But beware, it will smell like you just ate an entire pizza! It has a very strong smell.






Mom Culture loves Delicate Seams

Mom Culture loves Delicate Seams

I still can’t believe my baby turned 11 today, that means I’ve officially been doing this mom gig for a decade and some change now ladies, it’s so hard to believe it but time flies.  My baby girl is hitting that age where things are changing and talks are happening it’s a transition for us both needless to say. There are new waters to navigate, territory to be discovered and new seasons of change as she starts the transition from my little girl to beautiful young woman.

One new development (not literal development…just yet) is her desire to wear a bra, yes you read that right a bra.  At first, I was put off by the request I mean she’s my baby and here she’s asking for a bra!!! I mean wasn’t she just two like five minutes ago and wearing my bra on her head playing dress-up…somebody please hold me.  Although she’s not (in my opinion in need of on just yet) I listened as any good mother would about her reasons why which basically boiled down to “HELLO mom everyone is wearing one at school”  so I decided for her comfort and self-confidence its time to bit the bullet. So, off we drove into the girls “tween” undergarment world and boy was I underwhelmed, not only did we find limited options but so many were not what this time and season called for…like hello does she need padding umm NO!

One night I was on Instagram mindlessly searching my feed when this new page popped up (thank you algorithm) called Delicate Seams.  This company was exactly what I was looking for to introduce Lily into the world of undergarments. This mom gets it and saw the gap in the market for “this season” and transitional time. Even better it’s owned and operated by fellow Mompreneur and founder Aida Yodites which is my favorite kind of company to support. #smallbusinesslove

Delicate Seams introduces a line of undergarments, which includes 7 beautifully crafted styles. Each piece incorporates soft fabrics, sweet trims, and thoughtful colors into designs that are functional and most importantly, appropriate for a growing girl’s body. At Delicate Seams, they promote modesty and believe that there’s a right way to “bridge the gap” between a young girl and young lady.

The Bralette


The Bikini

The Sportlette

We love everything about our items from Delicate Seams from the fabric to the fit these new pieces are a welcome addition to Lily’s wardrobe…and this garment washing bag is such a great teaching tool for showing her how to properly wash her lady delicates!

Aida is so sweet she’s offering our followers a special code to use on her site https://delicateseams.com for 15% off their first order.  USE CODE: BLOG15 at check out on their site.

Summer is here!!

Summer is here!!

So if you know me at all, you know that I get almost everything from Target.

These family summer items are some of our must-haves for our vacation next month. 

Spend $15 on sun care products, get $5 Target gift card. (Valid 5/20-5/26)

1. Speedo Youth Neoprene Life Vest $36.09

Designed specifically for older kids, this Speedo Junior Neoprene Life Vest meets all US Coast Guard standards for safety. Constructed for warmth and durability, this flotation device features an anti-microbial finish that prevents mildew, mold and odor build-up.

2. Igloo Latitude 60 – Aquamarine $42.74

This bold, refreshing new design in one of our most popular sizes is sure to please. The oversized wheels make it a breeze to transport. The built-in mobile device stand with tall “backstop” allows you to park phones and tablet off the ground for easy access & viewing. Four cup holders in the lid are self-draining. You can even use the tie down points to help haul your chairs or towels down to the pool or beach.
Dimensions (Overall): 19.75 inches (H) x 18.27 inches (W) x 21.72 inches (L)
Let the fun fly with the SwimWays Squid Disk! This squishy, funny feeling, water toy is all you need for hours of soaking fun. Simply dunk the Squid Disk underwater to saturate, then launch it! Watch the flying disk as water sprays from its body and tentacles as it flies through the air – it’s a fun and engaging way for kids to enjoy water play.
Your baby-safe world just got bigger! It’s a big, wide world out there and your baby wants at it. But sunburn and damage to sensitive skin isn’t anything you want them to explore. Our mineral- based SPF formulas provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and glides on smooth for effortless application. Non-allergenic and tear free, so it can go on whatever part of your baby the sun’s gonna shine.

TruKid SFP30 Daily Face Stick naturally provides SPF30 protection for faces and quick touch-ups. Created by a mom of six who naturally knows what kids like and want to use!


Attention Mombies: These are our 5 favorite under eye concealers!

Attention Mombies: These are our 5 favorite under eye concealers!

Mombie (noun): A mom who has spent the last 4 days feeding, bathing, and driving her kids to and from activities, with under 3 hours of sleep per night, and suffers from under-eye circles. 

*Mombie® Still Rad Clothing*

We want to share what the best concealers are for dark circles. These are our favorites for looking refreshed and fully-rested! Go from Mombie to Mombshell




1.Tarte – Shape Tape 

Buy now at: Ulta

This one is the most consistent that we have found. It is best applied when using a damp beauty blender sponge. This one provides great coverage and doesn’t feel too heavy.


2. IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Undereyes

Buy now at: Sephora

The best part about this concealer? It is waterproof! So it is safe to wear in the pool with the kiddos this summer! Easy to apply with just a concealer brush and it lasts all day.


3. Benefit – Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

Buy now at: Sephora

This one works well when paired with a powder foundation. I`t has not proven to be an all-day kind of concealer. So it’s great for a quick trip to the grocery store or a few hours of volunteering at your kids’ school. The color options are also very limited.


4. Maybelline – Instant Age Rewind 

Buy now at: Target

This one is a favorite because it is an all-in-one. Super compact and it has an applicator head on it. Easy for travel and to keep in your purse for any time use, while on-the-go. It is also the most affordable on our list.


5. Urban Decay – Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Buy now at: Sephora

This concealer is a great match for dry skin. Might be a little too greasy if you have oily skin. It’s great because it’s very lightweight.


Did we miss your favorite brand? Tell us!!







Originally posted on 5/4/18 by @mamasolbirth


Happy Friday, Mamas!

It’s been crickets over here, but for good reason! April was a pretty busy month for us since we moved. Which, if you’ve ever moved, is such a pain in the butt, and this doula had two births! And even with guess dates weeks apart both doula babies arrived within 3 days of each other. It was a whirlwind couple weeks, but we survived with lots of coffee and little sleep. And now, we’re here … 20 weeks. A bit of a milestone for most birthing people since 20 weeks marks the halfway point of your tiny humans journey earthside.

Growing Tiny Humans is Exhausting // Mom Culture

{Important side note – Once these sweet doula babies and their families were together, I thought to myself, “this is a prime example why we shouldn’t allow our Due Date to have so much power.” It’s why when sharing about my own pregnancy I always say our tiny human could arrive late August or September. First, it’s important to note that Due Dates are a helpful tool in that they allow our providers to see that our pregnancy and tiny humans development is following a specific developmental trajectory that all pregnancies tend to follow and in tracking this development they’re able to intervene if and when needed. There are variations of normal though. In fact, according to one study 50% of all women giving birth for the first time gave birth by 40 weeks and 5 days, while 75% gave birth by 41 weeks and 2 days. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means your baby will come when they’re ready, and there is a really good chance that your traditionally assigned Due Date will be wrong. If you’re up for reading or learning more about Due Dates and the medical decisions that are typically most affected by them a great place to start is here.}

Now, without further ado, our 20 week update!


How far along: 20 Weeks

Gender: if you follow along on IG you probably noticed that I shared we’re having our third BOY. It’s just my lot in life to be surrounded good men I guess.

Nickname: Baby Dinosaur Coco is still going strong

Maternity clothes: Duh! In addition to my usual favorites that I’ve shared about here previously, I’ve recently fallen in love with this tee from one of my favorite Mama run businesses Mom Culture. Seriously, Growing Tiny Humans is Exhausting, has there ever been a more appropriate tee for during pregnancy?! I also realllly love that it’s incredibly soft and stretchy in all the right places. She’s also the master mind behind that amazing Raise Good Humans tee you’ve probably seen floating around the Instagram universe.

Sleep: meh. Most of the time. Pregnancy pillow is coming in clutch for sure though.

Best moment this month: Our 20 week anatomy scan. I really loved seeing itty bitty feet and hands and really just getting to take inventory of all the magical work that’s been happening in there for the last 20 weeks. It never ceases to amaze me. We can grow a tiny human. I can grow a tiny human. I mean, for all the faults I’ve ever found in this body, it’s hard to deny how amazingly capable and strong it is once you see something like that.

Worst moment this month: Moving and my 20 week checkup. Why? Listen, I’m not a skinny person. I haven’t been, ever, really, and at nearly 30 I’m finally learning to love my body as it is. Growth is hard, especially as a woman who is not skinny. When you’re a pregnant person who doesn’t fit the typical mold you will inevitably encounter some really unpleasant and unwanted experiences… all because of weight. Providers honestly put too much weight on weight. Anyways, at this checkup, even though I have had healthy vitals and have worked out as much as life has allowed I still got a mini lecture for my weight gain during this pregnancy. Because I’m not a skinny person. It was frustrating. Two pregnancies behind me though, and I finally see and trust that my body just knows what it needs to grow a human. So if you’ve ever had a similar experience with a provider during your pregnancy, solidarity. I’ve been there.

Miss anything: Sushi and wine. Which is crazy because I’m actually not a huge wine drinker.

Movement: Yes and I love it. Getting stronger by day.

Cravings: spicy foods and coffee (but what’s new there)

Queasy or sick: None! woot woot!

Looking forward to: The boys being able to feel this little guy move around. They’re so excited for him to get here, so I just know they’ll really love feeling him move around.


Momveralls the grown-up version our inner teen is dying to wear again!

Momveralls the grown-up version our inner teen is dying to wear again!


I had my fair share of overalls in the 90’s from Levis to Dickies in a rainbow of colors from fitted to baggy, I proudly wore them all with my favorite chokers and stacked flip-flops or Rocket Dogs.

Did you?

My inner teen is kinda dying that they’ve made a grown-up fashion comeback for the Momverall lovers to enjoy all over again.

From the affordable to the splurge here’s a few Mom Culture favorites for you ladies to check out:

denim ruffle-strap jumpsuit

This Madewell ruffle overalls are an adorable grow-up and fun spin on the classics, a bit pricey but we love the amazing quality Madewell offers so these are well worth the $148.99 splurge mamas.


Gap Womens Relaxed Denim Overalls Medium Indigo

You can’t go wrong with a classic and you don’t get any more classic than a good old pair of faithful Gap overalls for just $63 these are a perfect pair to update your mama wardrobe.

ASOS DESIGN denim overall in stonewash blue

I always preferred the darker wash overalls in the 90’s so these stonewash blue from ASOS are my fave and with a price tag of just $67.00 making them very budget friendly.


These 100% viscose overalls from American Eagle just might make you shelf the yoga pants for a day, these cozy oversized overalls are perfect for chasing the tiny humans around in and with a price tag of just $49.95 I can get behind that coziness for sure!

Is this a trend you plan to revisit mamas?

Special thank you to our customer and follower Lauren Daughety for allowing us to use her adorable letterboard photo for this blog post you can follow her @mrslaurendaugherty




Birthday's are for Growing

Birthday’s are for Growing

As my 37th birthday rolls around- I’m surrounded by growth. Literally, surrounded- with boxes on the floor, merchandise is stacked along walls, desk in corners new product with nowhere to go and nothing is quite under my control.

I’m going big or going home, my kids are developing their own sense of self- demanding more time/money/attention/patience; all things I’m TRYING to balance while not driving the exhaust-dad totally nuts.

It’s kinda a lot.

But as nothing is quite under control I realize I’ve let go to grow. I’ve let go of not having everything put away in these boxes on the floor and merchandise is awaiting their shelving systems. I’m letting go of the worry and anxiety of my little shop turning into a bigger culture as I take on 1500 sqft of retail and fulfillment space. I’ve started delegating task so I can take this baby in new directions while balancing my time for my not so wee babies growing lives while making sure I still drive the exhaust-dad totally nuts.

On top of all this you guys! YOU guys KEEP ME GROWING!! I can’t thank you all enough for your support. I love you all. Everything outside of my family has been to grown and be with this community. I wanted to grow our little wee brand into a culture we all could grow in. We’re always talking about ways to free up time and interact with you. I’m really excited about what’s on the horizon for us. I’m truly honored to get to grow with all of you. Thank you so much for the support you have given me these last 4 years (wow 4!!). I can wait to share WINE and COFFEE and EVENTS with you as we continue.









Phrase to live by

Phrase to live by

Raise Good Humans has to be my favorite phrase to live by these days. The value of a good human never seemed as important as it does to me now that I have two tiny humans of my own. Of course, I want them to be good people, I think that’s something every mom can relate to. After finding out that my now four-year-old daughter is autistic, the idea of surrounding myself and her with good humans became my top priority.


I’m seeking knowledge, courage, and strength from anywhere I can find it because having a child with special needs is a hard road to walk alone. We do the best we can to show the world we got this because really, what choice as mothers or parents do any of us have?

We see doctors and specialist. We have speech therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA. Applied behavior analysis…. yeah I had to google that too. Who knew as I was becoming a mother for the second time that I would need to know what an IEP is, individual education plan in case you are not familiar. Not only do I need to know what that means, I also need to be up to date on all the current state laws that include a student in special education, all the latest research on what is best for a child developing differently than another. What therapies are the best, how much is too much? When to push forward and when to pull back. All of these decisions are mine and my husbands to make when it comes to our child. We are supposed to have all these answers. Doctors give referrals and that’s about it.

aut sq.jpg

There is no secret road map on the best path to take. Well, no one has shared it with us at least. We are forced to rely on ourselves, our community, our research, and our instincts. We seek out the best humans we can find to help guide us on this journey. Although my worries are often different from other moms, I find that the struggles are the same. Like, warrior mama Christy M. I felt like, we all have worries about our children to different degrees. My second child was supposed to be easy. I knew how to be a mom. I was supposed to be ahead of the game. But now I realize that no parent has a roadmap and all children are different. We are all just trying to figure it out. I used to try and look too far ahead into my daughters future and start to stress. This is a dangerous game to play, and I have decided not to anymore. I remind myself daily that no one is promised a tomorrow and I put my energy into today. Today’s struggles, today’s joys. These are the things that matter today.


Today my daughter told me I was her best friend. There was a time not too long ago that I didn’t know if she would ever have enough speech to say something like that. I love being her mom, and All that she has taught me. I love watching how kind and sweet my older daughter is to her sister. It makes me feel like we are doing something right. We have good humans in progress. Today was a good day, they are not all good, but I am thankful for today.


Submission by the beautiful @broookydee



brook infograph.png


Products Featured

On Brook: Raise Good Humans Fleece Hoodie Black

Brook’s Daughter: Good Humans in Progress Mint Raglan

Raise Good Humans V-Tee in Ivory

Mother with all Your HEART available in coffee mug


coffee & my mug- supporting incredible things

coffee & my mug- supporting incredible things

I love my coffee in the morning. I use Natural Bliss Coffeemate in HazelNut, cut it’s sweetness with heavy cream or milk and let its nutty goodness comfort me as those last cozies of bed leave and the roar of the day starts.From my home, the roar literally grows. The nations busiest parking lot, the 91fwy starts to buzz with workers traveling to their 2nd home, with their comforting cup of joe.

morning basics


The Mom Culture gave me a new joy with my morning routine, my mug. It started with the curated find ‘killin’it’. I was trying to motivate myself and what I wanted to be doing was “killin’it”. So, mug after mug, slowly but surely, I got out of a rut I was in and was killin’it.


Then I faltered- things weren’t so hot and I WAS NOT KILLIN’IT.

I was SO NOT killing it that I couldn’t use my mug. I hid it in the back of the cabinet and went back to my old yellow non-killing it mug. Only, its rings of wear were no longer charming they were failure. FAILURE!!! My old yellow mug screamed at me, FAILLUURRREEE!!



I was not killin’it.

So, just when I didn’t think I could get my s*** in line, this beauty popped up into my feed.




Silly right? I know, whatever!

It was the little reminder first thing in the morning that I needed to start my day off right.

Now, as I look forward to new directions and growth in unchartered territory I’m ready for my girl boss that s*i* mug.





A reminder to handle my s*** again. I was being reactionary instead of driving my own future and bosses don’t do that. I can’t wait to add some Mom Culture coffee to it.

Something super simple to share with my other girl boss mama’s.




killin’it curated find SOLD OUT- find others like it here

incredible things curated find

basic mom slouchy tee

Mom Culture Coffee- because tiny humans ARE exhausting



Nothing can be planned or expected with tiny humans

Nothing can be planned or expected with tiny humans

Blessed with an easy first baby- There was no way this mama could have planned for battling cancer then, the strong will of her second child. Thank you @cristymettler, you’re a warrior and we appreciate you sharing your story with our mamas. xo 

‘Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting’ AND a daily battle with fear and worry. God has trusted us with these precious children but gave us no handbook. No guide on how to ‘Raise Good Humans’. In my twenties, I was blessed with a great kid. He was patient, kind, a great sleeper, an awesome eater, and a big people pleaser. 


Fast forward 8 years and his brother came along with his own mindset. The parenting skills I had stored away no longer applied to him. He is stubborn as hell, completely an “I do it myself” personality, fierce, strong, and the pickiest eater in the world. Rules mean nothing to him. Honestly, I’ve been struggling. Not knowing how to parent, how to discipline enough but not too much to stifle his personality. I’ve felt lost in this new sea of parenting.  

I’ve read that stubborn children are leaders, but leaders of what? The gang in prison or a CEO? I pray daily he’s the late…



As I learn to navigate the new sea of parenting with this crazy child I also face new worries. In my twenties, I had no worries, no concerns, no fears. I never feared health issues, development issues, eating issues, or healthy social development. I think my fears and worries started in my 30s. A month after turning 30 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a 3.5-year-old and I was faced with the fear of my kiddo not being raised with his mom. I felt too young to make that kind of health decisions. To be honest, cancer wasn’t even in my forethought. But I had an incredible army behind me and I was able to fight through it. Too many surgeries to count, a few years of hormone therapy and I am now cancer free. My husband and I always wanted another so we were blessed enough to get pregnant with our second. He was a whirlwind, my stubborn, independent one. He also has come with his own set of concerns. He was born with an adorable blonde streak that at the time I feared was a tumor or some form of cancer. Of course, my mind went to the worst. Thankfully it was only Vitiligo. As he has gotten older we face a new battle of his speech delay. At the age of two, we started speech therapy and he is coming along. I still worry that there could be something else wrong. Something I’ve missed, something I don’t see. Being diagnosed with cancer turned my world upside down, and now I see life differently. I try to not be caught off guard, to even expect the worst.

But in raising my humans I’m slowly learning that nothing can be planned out or expected. Each come with their own rule book. My third and final baby was a surprise, a beautiful daughter. She is only 7 months, but I can already tell she is a firecracker. She is going to have her own rulebook and I’m preparing myself for the change ahead. 
‘This is my Journey’ and I’m thankful to have found a community that is accepting, face the same daily struggles, understand the mom guilt, and moms that ‘Mother with all our hearts’

MWOH image



Submission by the beautiful warrior mama @cristymettler

Featured Products 

Raise Good Humans V-Neck Tee in Ivory-

Raising Gentalmen Scoopneck Tee in Ivory

Good Human in Progress Children’s Raglan

Mother With All Your Heart-





Basic Mom Collection

Basic Mom Collection

When you create a new design and concept you hope a few things happen, ONE people like it and understand it and TWO, of course, is they buy it.  Basic Mom came to me just like all my other ideas do, organically from my day to day mom life experiences.  What’s so wrong with liking what you like and doing “basic” things that honestly aren’t so basic while sipping cold coffee and rocking some leggings. I mean hello first off coffee is LIFE and leggings well if you’ve worn them how can you not love them and make them part of your daily mom life uniform.  If I’ve learned anything its that motherhood is far from basic the daily ups, downs, curves, and chaos keeps us on our toes so if that makes me basic sign me up I’m 100% fine with my basic daily duties, routines and label as simply a BASIC MOM.

I think my sweet customer and fellow mama hustler Kelly from the Domestic Blonde Blog nailed it best when she posted our new mug on her Instagram feed and said. “According to the Urban Dictionary, the term B A S I C MOM Includes yoga fascination, after-school snacks, and the “mom” haircut. Can usually be found driving an SUV and sporting a top-of-the-line outdoor jacket. Sipping Starbucks and listening to Michael Buble or Josh Groban is optional.
Apparently, the person who wrote that definition doesn’t know about the Basic Mom’s I know… We just get sh#* done, and make it look easy. No Mom haircut needed 💁🏼‍♀️…Although, yoga pants always acceptable. ” @domesticblonde

So here I give you mamas the most BASIC of basics for your daily BASIC MOM needs I hope you ladies love this new mini collection and own your label proudly because there’s nothing wrong with being a Basic Mom.

You can check out the full BASIC MOM COLLECTION HERE, make sure to use CODE: BASIC for 20% off your basic mom order offer expires 3/18/18…while supplies last!




Mom Culture loves Universal Thread

Mom Culture loves Universal Thread

Ok, I’m not the most fashionable mama around nor do I claim to be a fashion blogger by any means but I do love a good find so I’m bringing my personal latest ones to you in this new blog post I’m thinking might just turn into a regular ‘mom culture curated’ series.

First up is the amazing collection by Universal Thread at Target, I’m obsessed with just about everything in this collection and already own five pieces but I’m hoping for more asap! 

Here’s a peek at the five ones I’ve added to my personal wardrobe and mama uniform rotation:

These high-rise raw skinny blush jeans are my new go-to paired with our graphic tees for an easy mama on the go look.


This layering cardigan is on repeat, I actually think I need a back-up because the color is amazing and did I mention it comes in four amazing colors so you might just need them ALL!


This pink long sleeve button down is the perfect piece to feel pulled together in a pinch, I’ve worn mine with both my favorite leggings and jeans paired with flats or your favorite vans top it off with a necklace and boom mama looks well put together and ready for business!


This Midi Skirt is the newest addition to my collection, I loved the print and felt it paired perfectly with our Raise Good Humans ivory tee it also has a nice retro classic cut which I love.


I’m a sucker for classic plaid long sleeve shirts and adore button downs however it’s sometimes hard for me to find a good button down that accommodates the bust area without me having to up-size this one was perfect with no gapping or need to up-size.  It also comes in four great colors along with plus sizes.

Inspiration from my closet to yours:

Mother with all your heart V-Cut


Raising Ladies or Raising Gentlemen


Basic Mom Trucker


Motherhood winging it® vintage cap

Next time you get some “me time” at Target make sure to check out this new collection by Universal Thread it’s a beautiful women’s lifestyle brand that features denim, tops, dresses, accessories, and shoes. And with prices ranging from $5 to $39.99, it’s so budget friendly for every mama to score some goodies and make sure to pair it with your favorite Mom Culture graphics and accessories!



Nothing basic about mothering

Nothing basic about mothering

“There is so much wrapped up in the idea of being a ‘Basic Mom’ these days. And, for some reason, the classification gets such negative attention.  How that doesn’t count as discrimination for being allowed to like what you like, I’m not sure.  But, I’ve got no shame in my basic mom game.  I may wear black yoga pants three days a week but, I do some not so basic things in them. Like, keep tiny humans alive. And try to raise them to be respectful, loving, & wise.  Teach them that it doesn’t matter what they’ve been labeled as long as they know who they are and that their relationship with God is good.  I may live off Starbuck, but because I spend my nights feeding a newborn and my days worrying about the well being of her siblings. (Plus, coffee is just plain amazing!) There may be such a thing as being a basic mom but there is NOTHING basic about mothering. Every day is a new challenge. Every day we get it done.

A basic is essential and we are just that to our wee babes. Power through!

Submission by the beautiful Quin McConnell @qm_mcconell 

Grab your not so basic self our newest Mom Culture obession the BASIC MOM




Mom Culture

Mom Culture

After months of work, temper tantums  (ALL ME)  preparations, and tons of emotions I’m so proud to finally show our rebrand to Mom Culture

We have loved the past four years growing our brand and building our community as WeeStructed but as all things grow, change comes.

When I started this Wee brand in 2013 I was fresh off the traumatic birth of our final tiny human and at a crossroads of wanting more from both my life and my motherhood.  I longed to be creative again and found so much joy in crafting and making wee goodies for my tiny humans and yours.

 I designed everything from scratch and as my seasons changed so did the brand and our offerings.  

Years ago, we organically shifted into the space of a lifestyle brand geared more towards motherhood truths and inspirations.  Especially with our launch of Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting®.  

It’s there in that space that I truly found my happy place sharing these truths with you and yours hoping to help bring some humor and honesty to parenthood and raising these little humans.  

New Name:

I’ve known for awhile we had outgrown our name and branding but let fear of change and not having just the right name keep me from making the switch.  Our new name came to me like a calling one day while driving alone in my mini-van, of all places.  Let’s face it, I pretty much spend my days in there so naturally, inspiration will hit me from time to time.


  • Mom: The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.
  • Culture: the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.

We are Mom Culture.  Our journeys may be different, we may do things differently than one another, but our core values and culture are the same.  

We are women who love unconditionally, who mother with all our hearts and we share the same common culture goal to simply do our best to RAISE GOOD HUMANS!

Thank you all for the love and support of our growing brand and community we couldn’t do it without each and every one of YOU!



Mama's Wishlist

Mama’s Wishlist


Our favorite new tradition is back and better than ever. Why you ask? Because this year we’re partnering with Maya Ali and Co. to bring you something extra special.

Let’s start at the beginning; which is a very nice place to start. Last year we created our Mama’s Wishlist. We made it for the moms who work hard all year long. The ones who make birthdays extra special and boo-boos hurt a little less. The ones who pick up on every subtle hint on what their loved ones fancy and jump at the chance to make it happen. We made this wishlist because let’s face it, we’re awesome and all about the details; the people we spend most of our time with, may not be. To help level the playing field, we bring to you our Mama’s Christmas Wishlist! Print it, fill it out and send it over to your loving family. The guesswork is now minimal, making more time for cookie baking and Christmas light viewing 🙂

To make things even more enjoyable this holiday season, we’re giving away THE BEST BAG EVER (and a few other surprises) to the winner of our next giveaway!

Backstory: we met Jacqueline early last year at a trade show in Las Vegas. My assistant and I were standing at Starbucks waiting for our non-sweetened Venti green teas when a woman came up to us and asked about my bag. She said her daughter sold similar bags and that if we were interested, to come to their booth once we got our beverages. A few minutes later we were surrounded by the most gorgeous grouping of handcrafted leather and handwoven bags, backpacks, accessories and more. My assistant and I were in love, and in awe. Jacqueline told us that her family in Guatemala were the ones creating these masterpieces:

“Maya Ali & Co. was founded in 1940 by our great grandmothers. For years we’ve been in the Guatemalan handmade business, we’ve mainly focused on doing wholesale, until recently this year we decided to retail and join the online world.
A lot of the huipils we use are made by either our family members or town friends from our hometown Chichicastenango. We try to use the best huipils, and leather. There are so many stores out there that try and sell similar products to ours, but I guess you could say we stand out from everyone, because till this day everyone that is part of Maya Ali & Co, is 100% indigenous blood, including myself.
We know Guatemala and our culture like no one else, and so when we create our products, to us it’s more than just an item, it’s a piece of history. And that’s what we want to share with the world through our brand. We want to give our customers quality over quantity, and history at the same time.”
This takes us to present day (pun intended). This year we are selecting one lucky mama who participates in our Mama’s Christmas Wishlist giveaway to receive a Medium Huipil Convertable bag (valued at over $250!) and a $200 store credit to WeeStructed! To enter, simply fill out our wishlist pdf and post your list on Instagram with the hashtag #weestructedwishlist FOLLOW BOTH ACCOUNTS @weestructed and @mayaaliandco on Instagram. You have until November 15th to post your list! The winner will be chosen that evening and notified within  24 hours. Remember to have fun with it!
Download our PDF here:

WeeStructed Wishlist2017

Happy Holidays to you! We love what we do and we do it for you 🙂

XO, Sarah


Maya Ali & Co. products can be found here: themelbournedream.com















Lakeshore and WeeStructed Back to School Teacher Giveaway

Lakeshore and WeeStructed Back to School Teacher Giveaway

Earlier this Summer we contacted Lakeshore (one of our favorite stores, EVER)  to see if they would be interested in doing a giveaway for the beginning of the new school year; they graciously said yes (eep!).

So, to kick off back to school season, Lakeshore and WeeStructed have teamed up to bring a deserving teacher a bit more fun and fascination to their classroom. Many teachers across the nation are handed small to non-existent budgets for their classes to work with, leaving little to the imagination. Our educators end up spending their own wages on necessary supplies for the classroom and their students. Its an uphill battle, and we as parents, need to help when we can.

For our back to school giveaway, Lakeshore will be providing one awesome educator with the 3 Little Pigs STEM Kit for their classroom and WeeStructed will be giving away a $50 shop credit to spend on any of our Teaching Tiny Humans is Exhausting merchandise. To enter the giveaway, simply follow both WeeStructed and Lakeshore on Instagram. Comment on WeeStructed’s morning post (9AM) and tell us who your favorite educator is and why they’re so special to you and your family. Giveaway will go until Sunday evening (6PM). Winner will be notified on Monday to claim their prizes.

Remember to thank the teachers in your life. After Summer is over and we, as parents, get to breathe a bit easier again while the kids are in school, we realize the impact and the importance of educators. They seriously are the sanity in our children’s lives (and our’s). Hallelujah!

Read below to find out about STEM Kits and the growing benefits of having your kids use them throughout their schooling.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These kits are great for kids as young as 4 and go up to the high school level. I personally love them for home school Fridays. Each pack contains the materials needed for the experiment, teacher cards to explain the lesson plan and reusable step by step instruction cards for the kids. I originally bought this pack for my littlest human (in preschool), but my 3rd grader joined in as well.

I love that these kits are all based on trial and error until the student comes up with a solution. I’ve talked to many of the teachers at the charter school my kids attend, and they agree. Kids need flexibility and reasons to experiment. Everyone comes to the solution from a different path. It’s a great resource and product to have on hand!

Thanks to Lakeshore for the partnership on this giveaway. To learn more about STEM Kits and all of the other amazing products Lakeshore carries in their stores, visit lakeshorelearning.com



Diaper Crisis of Hurricane Harvey

Diaper Crisis of Hurricane Harvey

As stated earlier in our Instagram stories (and our latest post), we donated much needed diapers to the Texas Diaper Bank through their wish list on amazon.com.

To my surprise, and to the surprise of many, disaster relief agencies do not provide families with diapers for young, and old. Imagine having to up and leave your home at a moments notice, with little in hand, only to realize you can’t get the necessary supplies for the tiniest humans in your family. It’s heart wrenching.

It is crucial that we come together as a community, and as a nation, to help those most affected by Hurricane Harvey. There are several ways you can help out with the click of a button:


Visit Today.com for info and links on how to donate diapers and other goods through Amazon Wish lists. Multiple organizations and non-profits are listed with the necessary supplies to help those in need. Link available here:




You can also go directly through the Texas Diaper Bank website to donate. They provide several options in which you can help out. Click on the link below to send your donation now:


For as little as $12, you can help out a family in need. Please help in any way you can. It’s another way to be a “Good Human in Progress.”

XO, Sarah

First image includes our “Raise Good Humans” garment dyed crew and flashcards by Summer Robinson at @wewearart

Second image is reposted from @motherhoodsatx






Back to school means time to get yourself in check mama

Back to school means time to get yourself in check mama

Back to school means back to the realities of routine and the daily hustle of life.  We make sure our kids have their annual physical, dental check-ups and are in tip-top shape for the new school year but we often let ourselves fall by the way side.

Having our littles in school doesn’t mean we have a ton of free time I mean in the blink of an eye and one Target errand trip it’s pick up time again am I right?  But it does mean we have some freedom and availability to spend a little bit of our time focusing on ourselves and well-being.  I’m as guilty as the next for letting myself go, forgetting to make that doctor’s appointment or hit the gym but as the saying goes “you can’t pour from an empty cup” now can you?

The US Preventive Task Force recommends screening for cervical cancer in women age 21 to 65 years with cytology (Pap smear) every 3 years or, for women age 30 to 65 years who want to lengthen the screening interval, screening with a combination of cytology and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing every 5 years.

I realized that I haven’t been to see my OB/GYN since my 6-week after care appointment with our last baby and hello he’s FOUR now!  Needless to say it was time ladies time to make sure I’m healthy for not only my sake but for the sake of raising my babies.  I urge you all to take some time this back to school season to get a physical if you need one, see your OB/GYN, take a yoga class, start walking, read a book and focus on your health and well-being to fill that cup over…. it’ll make us all better wives, mothers and friends if we are healthy and happy for our loved ones.

I’m happy to report I’m staring my personal check list of care items this month I can check off my pap and female health check up and I have a physical scheduled for next month so I’m off to a great start investing some time in my health…..now its your turn!

I hope this little reminder helps to motivate you to make those appointments and invest a little time in yourself mama!




Pick your battles

Pick your battles

You saw my son, with his big brown eyes and beautiful contagious smile. You watched him run into the park with adventure pulsing through his little body. You saw me follow behind reminding him to be aware and considerate of the couple of kids there, you smiled at me and said hi. 

More kids came, the park is getting louder, I’m all out of the snack my son asked for, the blue car he wants is at home, the ice in his cup has melted and now he begins to melt as well. He screams, he threw his green car that just 20 seconds ago he was happily driving around the park. I quickly scoop him up and hold him tight, he starts hitting me. I can feel you watching me, I can see the judgment. He bit me, it broke the skin and I’m bleeding. You’re still watching.

I don’t raise my voice, I don’t get angry. He is the storm and for him, I have to be the calm. This is a sensory meltdown and he is incapable of controlling himself. It will end and he will go back to happily driving around his car, or it won’t end here and I’ll take him to where he feels safe and can come back to me. You might still be watching and that’s ok. You might have hastily taken your child away like others have done and that’s ok too.

This is his battle, this is the battle I pick and it is the one I will always pick. Your judgement is not my battle. 

To all of you out there fighting a similar fight, you are not alone. 

Fate whispers to the Warrior, you cannot withstand the storm. The warrior whispers back, I am the storm. 

For information and support groups check out:





For your own ‘Pick your battles’ gear shop here:





Proudly sporting her ‘Pick your battles’ vintage cap


Mother together

Mother together

world breast-feeding week

When the lovely Oat Mama asked us to join in this years ‘Mother Together’ event it was a no brainer for us.  Having successfully nursed all three of my babies breastfeeding is something I’m passionate about as a mother and as a woman I love to help support other women during their nursing journey… it’s not always the easiest journey.

Nursing was not something that personally came easy to me or without many struggles, meltdowns and hours of lactation help.  My nursing journey was filled with all of the above and you can safely say I had every emotion during my early nursing experiences with our first-born.  From using an SNS system to six months on a nipple shield with bruised and battered black boobs  that ultimately ended up fighting double mastitis TWICE you can say I truly got the FULL experience as a first time nursing mother.

Somehow through it all with the love and support of my husband who I might add was the real pro nursing advocate in the beginning (I was not) and the help of a wonderful free lactation weekly support group in my town I survived those early years as a breast-feeding mother.  I went on to successfully nurse our sweet daughter until she was 18 months followed by our second for 19 months and finally our last baby for two years.  Had I not had the support systems in place with a loving husband, helpful tribe of women and nurses along with local groups I honestly don’t think I would have survived it ladies.

Now my nursing days are long behind me but when I see a mama nursing in public I give her a smile and nod or even most recently I was visiting my dear friend who is pumping for two I tried to give her extra encouragement (she’s pretty bad ass Hello TWINS) lets face it we all can use that ‘Mother together’ comradery whether you choose to nurse, formula feed, or do both Mama’s gotta stick together ladies we’re in it TOGETHER!!! #fedisbest

In the spirit of sticking together and showing Moms some love we are so excited to be in this year’s ‘Mother Together’ shopping guide with over 30+ stores all giving YOU some discount love to celebrate your journey during world breast feeding week.  Click on this link https://www.oatmama.com/pages/mother-together-shopping-guide to see all the amazing shops coming together!!






Get Freshly... a mompreneur lifesaver!

Get Freshly… a mompreneur lifesaver!

healthy meals are my Nemesis

Being a mompreneur to three kids while running this little business doesn’t always leave me much time to focus on healthy eating or eating in general LOL. Between the summer hustle of playdates and sports commitments I honestly haven’t had that overabundance of time I thought I’d have to start eating better.  I’ve been exploring some options of local meal prep services and some home delivery companies to take some of the stress and workload off my busy plate so giving Freshly a try was a no brainer for this busy mama.

Freshly is a company that is composed of chefs who work to cook your meals weekly and can be prepared in three minutes….even I can spare three minutes to eat a good meal if it’s on hand!

These meals help make eating convenient, healthy, delicious, and sustainable! They are served fresh and are kept chilled through ice packs in the refrigerated boxes which leaves the meals delicious and as fresh as possible.

I got four gourmet meals shipped right to my door which included Chicken Parmigiana, Penne Bolognese, Veggie Fried Rice, and Shrimp Fajita. With Freshly you can pick meals from a changing menu where you custom make your meal plan for the week. The facility is gluten and peanut free to limit cross contamination and will accommodate dietary preferences. Plans are also easy to cancel which makes Freshly that much more convenient as you are not committed to an every week schedule and can cancel whenever you please! 

This awesome lifesaver package arrived just in time for my busy week and was perfectly packed and chilled even in our 105 degree SoCal weather.


I poured myself a nice refreshing glass of water and dug right into my four meal pack.  Our newest pint glass makes the perfect cold beverage companion on a hot day.

Grab one here https://www.weestructed.com/collections/tchotchke/products/raising-tiny-humans-is-exhausting-beer-glass

My first meal was this yummy Penne Bolognese which happens to be a specialty of my husbands so I’m a tough critic but this yummy pasta dish sure passed my test.

Meal two was this zesty Shrimp fajita and fresh roasted corn I added a side of lime and a cold sparking lime water on the side.  This was the perfect easy dinner after taking my boys to football practice ….three minutes and dinner was served! Our stemless Motherhood winging it glass was perfect for my mini mama fiesta.

For my third meal I had this amazing Chicken Parmigiana and broccoli with a sparking water….a nice wine would have been better but I forgot the wine section on my last shopping trip distracted mom fail because ‘raising tiny humans is exhausting’ and you forget the important things like WINE!

My final Freshly meal was this tasty veggie fried rice which made the PERFECT workday healthy lunch option for me.  I normally just eat a quick sandwich of whatever my littlest left on his plate.

I loved everything I received in my four meal plan pack and ease of having these healthy options on hand and ready in under three minutes is truly a busy mama’s lifesaver so thank you FRESHLY for taking some of the stress off this week for me.

Our new friends at Freshly are giving our followers a chance to try their service with a special code.  Use code: dlvr638, which gives first time Freshly users $20 off their 6 meal plan!!!!!

Let me know what you think of these yummy quick healthy options!





You rock!

You rock!

Last week my kids and I were invited to participate in the Murrieta Rocks Facebook which is a simple DIY project to spend time with your kids and brightening up someones day with a cute painted rock with a positive message.

I bought all the supplies at Michaels and only spent $3 for 3 different colored paints and purchased a whole paintbrush pack for $5. We bought rocks from Michaels as well, but they had a polished finish around them and no paint could stick onto them. We then had to make a trip to Lowes to buy unpolished river rocks which were perfect to paint.

The kids and I spent all afternoon together painting something positive and then we placed them around Murrieta Town Square. We helped contribute to making Murrieta a more positive and supportive city and we hope more people  join in!

Share your rocks with us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #weestructedrocks… hope to see more encouragement and positivity around town!

Summertime in SoCal

Summertime in SoCal

The first day of summer calls for a fiesta

I’ll admit it: we Southern Californians are spoiled with the weather. We basically have a uniform of tees and flip flops all year round, and get upset when we have to put on more than a lightweight sweater. In true form, we find it necessary to celebrate the first day of Summer, our most favorite of the seasons. No school, late sunsets and Taco Tuesday every day of the week.

And this year for the Summer Solstice, we’ve decided to pair up with a few of our favorite Southern California-based brands to bring you a mini fiesta with (what we consider) Cali Essentials. Enjoy!

Ingredients for a successful mini fiesta:

Chips! We love chips. Like, we may be obsessed with them. And Cabo Chips may be our newest obsession. Non-GMO, gluten free and DELICIOUS with multiple flavors to choose from. This SoCal brand is seriously rad, and can be found at Whole Foods and here: cabochips.com

We recently came across O.C. based shop Live Styled, and instantly fell in love with their clean aesthetic. Plus, who doesn’t love a onesie with a bit of humor?! Grab one for your lil bebe here: lifestyledshop.com

And just for our viewers, Live Styled is offering a discount code. Take 15% off your purchase of pouches, mama, baby and toddler items when you use LIVESTYLED15 at checkout.

What better way to claim your love for being a California mama than with our OG design “Cali Mama” trucker hat?! Lightweight and perfect for the beach, river or around town shopping, this cap speaks for itself. Pick yours up here: weestructed.com

Our Cali Cub trucker is the perfect head gear to get your wee ones through those warm summer days. The mesh back keeps their noggins well ventilated and ready for action. Will fit ages 2-12. Pick a few up for your tiny humans here: weestructed.com

Use code: MOMMYANDME for 20% the purchase of Cali Mama and Cali Cub hats!

Cali Mama’s shorts are from Target, and can be found here: target.com

Tunic from our Simply Motherhood collection. Pick one up here: weestructed.com

“Kitchen Rules” sign by The Bee and The Fox. Find yours here: thebeeandthefox.com




Working Class Mom

Working Class Mom

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to define one’s self a with a single word. We are more than just mom, business owner, or grocery store connoisseur. We are a combination of these (along with a slew of about 3,496 other words at any given moment). We are our own superhero on the good days, and our worst critic on the not-so-good days. But somehow, we always manage to make it through. We are the WORKING CLASS MOM club, and we are awesome.

For me personally, the last few years have been exceptionally trying. Starting a business while raising 3 tiny humans is insanity, but also amazing. They are, obviously, the inspiration for WeeStructed, and without them, this pipe dream would have never happened. WORKING CLASS MOM was heavily influenced by this juxtaposition between my life and work, and my love for John Lennon. Go figure.

If you’ve been contemplating your current season of life with mom hood, work life, or a combination of those and other obstacles/struggles/life nonsense, we salute and support you! You are indeed, a WORKING CLASS MOM, and you are a badass mama.

Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite go-to’s when in full #bosslady mode. They help to keep me a little more organized during the day so I can get back to mom life a bit sooner.

I love a good ringer tee, hence my need to make this. Super soft and lightweight. Perfect for you to wear during the upcoming Summer months while you conquer the world. Find your size here: weestructed.com

Clearly the mug says it all. Find your’s at: weestructed.com

Handmade coasters by the ever so lovely Madison & Grand. These are seriously the cutest, and add a touch of warmth to any office space. Check them out here: madisonandgrand.com

I don’t know about you, but gold anything makes me feel fancy. Check out these rad shears from Nate Berkus for Target. Heavy duty with a touch of class. Get yourself a pair here: target.com

Sometimes we need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. And while Prosecco is preferred, a small affirmation plaque can be just as gratifying. I keep this baby on my desk for when I’m feeling a little less-than stellar. Grab one here: amazon.com

Every agenda/planner needs a personal touch, and this paperclip/bookmark is everything I strive to be. Get your’s at: etsystudio.com

Bando seriously makes the CUTEST AGENDAS you guys. I’m currently waiting for my 2018 edition to come in the mail 🙂 Find your inner organized diva and treat her to one of these beauties. They even come with pages of stickers; STICKERS! Get it here: bando.com

Mini plaques are where it’s at! We recently started stocking these lil guys and I couldn’t be more stoked. Put it on your desk and remind yourself that you are indeed, a Mother Tasker! Pick up one (or three) here: weestructed.com

Alright, you ladies ready to take on the world?! I know I am. USE CODE: WORKIT for 20% off our entire WORKING CLASS MOM COLLECTION FOUND HERE https://www.weestructed.com/collections/working-class-mom








Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day Everyday

garden party with the babes:


I’ve been working with Kelsey at Trader Joe’s for a little over two years now. In that time, I’ve seen her grow from a quirky 20 year old to a rad mom of little dude, Braddocks and a full-time psychology student at UC San Marcos.

We started chatting more frequently last summer over a shared obsession with Lady of the Lake and oracle cards (that’ll be a post for a different day). She shared with me that these interests, along with her Eco-Feminism class for school, opened her eyes to home gardening, and in turn, a healthier lifestyle for herself and baby B.

I got to visit the two at their home last week to see what they’d been up to, and I was pleasantly surprised. Kelsey has carefully mapped out her yard according to the amount of sun each area gets in a day. Rows of delicately placed fruits, vegetables and herbs line half the vicinity, while tomatoes stand guard next to the fence. She’s placed potted succulent gardens throughout the opposite end of the yard, along with a beautiful apple tree her grandmother planted some years ago. Braddock wanders around with a small shovel in his hand, happy as can be. It’s beautiful. And its only just begun.

Kelsey told me her main reason for starting the garden was to teach Braddocks about sustainability and hard work. Yes, she knows he’s only a toddler, but she believes what is instilled in him now will continue throughout his life. Connecting with one’s environment and being fully aware of what you put into your body is so important. Kelsey also told me that she hopes having good eating habits now will help him with choices in the future. Their diet is mainly vegetarian, using organic produce (or produce from their garden) as often as possible.

Gardening in the backyard has been a spiritual experience for Kelsey as well. “It’s inspiring to see something grow from a tiny seed to something you can eat. It’s been so therapeutic for me.” She pointed out the strawberry plant and said that each morning her and B go outside to see if any berries have arrived. Braddocks gets to pick out and munch on any newbies for the day. “It’s become almost a ritual for us. Before we eat breakfast, we go outside to water the garden and he immediately b-lines to the strawberry plant. He loves it.”